Hair – Sassoon
Dress – H&M
Bag –  JW Anderson
Shoes – Topshop

Its been three months since I decided to grow my hair back into that long mane it once was, and here’s how it’s going:

After my final cut in June, I resisted that hair guru that is Natasha, at the Sassoon Salon on Kings road, at the beginning of each month for one of their incredible hair treatments. This was to ensure that the hair follicles weren’t breaking or splitting. We NEED my hair to be as healthy as possible so when it comes to that dreaded cut, as little as possible is having to be cut.

A month into my journey, I had started to experiment with styling my hair a little differently. I started to straighten most of it, with the odd kink.  I loved this style as it looked super natural, like I had just woken up, really effortless, an it also made my hair appear longer! (Anything to make it longer haha.) This sort of style also worked because it was super shiny from the treatments.

By August I was in love with the new lenght of my hair, I could see what was happening! In my head it would be a matter of months and it will be once again covering my boobs! (Issues of not wanting to wear a bra plus the realistic coldness of London.) 

Then my holidays happened, the sea salt stuck and my hair was well and truly crunched. I’ve always been the one with the thick shiny mane, so for it to all of a sudden be like this was devastating. It also made me realise how important it really is to use the right shampoo and conditioner (which I had left at home), as well as styling products. 

When I returned Natasha ended up keeping the hair treatments on for longer, and I think added another! So we did both the shine treatment and liquid hair treatment – they are complete heaven! 

When it came to the long awaited cut last week, yes my hair was in better condition thanks to the treatments and products, but my hair had no shape at all. Natasha cut the back completely straight again, adding the tiniest layers to the bottom middle section just so my hair would hold when I wanted that more messy look. She also cut in the side bangs a little just to keep it fresh, but in the long run the idea is to have them completely grown out. 

It kind of feels like I’ve gone 5 steps back by having it cut but I know its a must have to make sure that my hair says thick and healthy as it grows. This has also made me realise that three months between cuts when your hair is as short as mine to start with is way too long. And I’m moving my next cut forward a month as I still want it to have shape and look super sleek. 

Ok, only a couple of months to go!!!!

(To see what a difference its been since the first post, look HERE)


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