Every now and then there’s a brand which comes out and takes you by complete surprise with a whole new chic vibe which you just have to have! And this time it’s Wallis.

Ticking all the major AW16 trends, a slight bit of tailoring, wrapped silhouette, and of course the most important, the embroidery! Shop the dream jacket HERE.

Wallis have up’d there game season after season, and while I love indulging in a little high end, its good to remember that power (in the fashion sense) also comes from being able to find absolute gems in high-street stores and making them look like they’re worth a Gucci price tag.

Paired with patched denim, my Gucci loafers and Wallis’s embroidered box bag, this is the perfect dressy/cas look for dinner or events. It’s one that wont make you look a try hard at all (thats normally down to heels I personally think), but the power of a basic look with one wow piece is gold.

Also note this jacket looks amazing worn back to front, and firmly tied so its more of a blouse – 2 in 1!



  1. October 3, 2016 / 3:13 pm

    I love your jacket/blouse!! Where can I find one like it? Is it from Wallis? I can't find it.. =(

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