We finally made it to Dubai! (If you followed my InstaStories you’ll know the struggle of the missed flights the week before!) It being my first time too, I had been told what to expect by friends and through work, but it still completely blew me away when we landed! Read on to hear about what to wear, eat and where to stay when traveling around the most luxurious city ever.

Well of course we have to start on the outfit, a two piece by House of Harlow (that’s Nicole Riche’s brand) for Revolve. It was possibly the comfiest outfit I have ever worn! I felt super confident in it, especially as I was also covered so it was very respectful, as in Dubai you want think a little more about their culture and of course fit in. In my case I do love covering up anyways, I think that it can almost look sexier. And with this set, the light weight fabric glided as you did, plus with the clever placement of one hand in the pocket, it looked super cool and had that androgynous vibe which I love!

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My boyfriend wasn’t too keen on the look, but luckily he loves that I wear what I like and I that I don’t listen to other peoples opinions on my style. The more confident you are the better it looks! Plus why would we all want to look the same! He just begged me to not come out with a shoe on my head one night, “this isn’t Paris fashion week…”

The rest of the week consisted of more sets, one again looking like a pyjama set again. Plus a paisley print maxi dress and black silk wrap dress. Silk was a great idea as it was still super sexy but perfect for those humid nights. We started drinks early every night so I had to wear things that took the heat into consideration. Yes everywhere is super air-con’d but we had drinks a couple of nights outside and on beaches, so you need to be breezy! 

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So you’re planning on also taking a winter holiday? Here’s a couple of places I visted that I would highly Recommend! 

The Four Seasons Hotel

Possibly one of the most stunning places I have ever stayed! Everything had you saying, ‘I cant believe we’re here!’

Along with a string full of 5 star restaurants, it also had its own private patch of Jumeirah beach, decked out with honeymoon style hammocks and wooden huts. We had the most incredible lunch one day at their asian style restaurant, Sea Fu. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was the most delicious meal both of us have ever had! We both shared a couple of the sushi dishes to start, plus their most popular dish, the prawns —- Oh my!!!!! It was incredible! Then we went onto mains of duck and deep fried seabass, followed by a melting red chocolate ball filled with mouth watering flavors of banana and hazelnut. YOU HAVE TO VISIT THIS PLACE

I don’t know if it was the combination of the food, ocean view and the wine, but it was that moment where we felt utterly grateful for each other, for the opportunities we’ve had and the fact that we could enjoy such an indulgent moment together. It was definitely a splurge, but of course of on holiday you have to have one of those days! Its something that we look forward to for months, so why not. Treat yourself!


Another hotel we visited was the Conrad in Downtown Dubai, so more of the business city part. This was the perfect stop of area to be closer to the malls! —- You have to visit the malls when there! So much lavishness, all super unnecessary put totally breath taking. 

The Conrad itself its such a beautiful Hotel, its overwhelming rose gold staircase at the front of the hotel was the first thing that caught my attention! 

Again filled with its own string of restaurants, levels for laying by the pool, partying at PuroBeach or drinking in the Cave’s wine cellar. It has that super skyscraper city style vibe, so different from the first hotel, both totally needed!

We were obsessed with Cave, we love drinking delicious wine and of course they had the best there! One night we headed there for Fondue Friday, as you can imagine, it was sooooo naughty but we were on holiday! It was probably big enough for four people, with bread and vegetables to dip. We didn’t stop there however! The super friendly staff recommended other dishes and we moved onto steak for him and gnocchi for me. This was again incredible! My boyfriend said it was the best steak he’s ever had in Dubai! And of course I loved the gnocchi —- stodgy food is my thing! 

One & Only

This place was stunning! A luxurious palace, full of beautiful gardens and private beaches. It was also a perfect place for drinks in the afternoon. One night we enjoyed a night with friends at the Jetty Lounge; a bar on the beach with lanterns and Arabic style booths. It was super relaxed, but had that slightly more party vibe, so defiantly a pre drinks place to get you in the mood. 

After drinks we jumped on the hotels boat to the restaurant, 101 Dining Lounge. This place was a secluded venue in the middle of the water, with such breathtaking views of the city. There we again indulged on beautiful red wine and I feasted on the calamari and squid ink paella —- heaven!

There were so many other places I wish I had managed to visit but didn’t have time too! I think we will most definitely be booking another trip here soon, I fear we have caught the winter sun holiday bug! 


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