Soooooo, we missed our flight to Dubai on Friday! And yes there was lots of wine going on that evening. But there was a huge silver lining, we woke up to the most incredible news that my older sister had a little boy in the early hours of the morning! So I managed to see gorgeous little Zac when he was only a few hours old. Seems it was meant to be…..

Ok so back to Dubai, it looks like we are set for a mid week flight, which I’m sure I’ll be posting the struggle on InstaStories…. Lets pray for pictures of happy wine…..

Mean while, the suitcase sitting in the hallway is full of silky outfits ready for Dubai. A navy silk suit, paisley print maxi dress. If I ever get to wear that wardrobe, it will be one I’ll be pretty comfy in! Dubai is a tricky one as you want to be appropriate and respectful, while taking into consideration the heat, thats why this black silk Topshop dress is a dream. Its going to keep you cool, its still sexy but modest.

Also I’ve packed a couple of heels, but a new pair of Gucci loafers are on my list. Especially a pair like the ones above for the evening, as I don’t want to wear heels all the time, and sometimes I think its chicer to wear flats.



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