Over LFW I collaborated with Toni & Guy Products, where I was lucky enough to go back stage to the shows they were styling at and watch their incredible talent in action.

One that you would of seen plastered all over my social was the Ashish show. I mean how incredible was it!!?!

The Ashish show this year was based around Indian bridal culture, where they wanted the models, male and female to look like run away brides. Both sexes had super long plaits, flowers, extremely out-there make up, (some where painted blue). And the clothes completely mirrored that gender dissolving concept. This is something that I really took away from the show, the fact that the barrier of male and female in hair and beauty, and clothing is refreshingly starting to fade.

For this collaboration, myself and Toni & Guy have decided to explore that gender fading concept from the hair down. And its totally excited me!

I love the androgynous look, I think it can actually look totally sexy. I’m never one for the super pretty dress, normally jeans and a t-shirt, or an oversized shirt is more my style, and to be truthful, a look my boyfriend actually prefers me in! This type of look also looks alot more effortless, something the French do perfectly!

Another show Toni & Guy worked with at LFW was Faustine Steinmetz SS17, where they wanted to strip back the new everyday glamorous lifestyles we have grown accustom to living in and make it all about healthy, shiny hair. They kept the hair super straight, fluff free and all about simplicity. Combined with the androgynous themed denim looks, SS17 is starting to create a theme which we have to be apart of!

This is the style I have decided to show for you guys for this collaboration. No fuss, simple healthy hair, that has a sleek finish, and which has no particular gender focus. Everyone wants to have healthy hair, thats what the fashionista’s of today are migrating towards, and one I am excited to master for everyday hair that you can add into your morning routine.

So for the hair, I needed the products to assist me…. Enter Toni & Guy’s Heat Protection Mist, Wave Memorising Balm, Shine Gloss Serum and their Illuminating Hair Perfume. Yes its an army of products that will give you that luxurious salon feel, I promise!

The Steps:

1. Spray freshly washed hair with Toni & Guys’s Heat Protection Mist. Protection sprays are so important in todays heat appliance obsessed World.

2. Add the Wave Memorising Balm to the lenght and ends of the hair, then blow dry straight.

3. Run over the hair with straighteners, slightly curling in on the ends.

4. Apply a pea-sized amount of the Shine Gloss Serum lightly through the hair to smooth any fly-aways and add shine.

5. Finish with a spritz of Illuminating Hair Perfume for that fresh blow dry scent.

As I said, this collaboration was from the hair down, so of course we needed an androgynous outfit to complete the look. For this we combined with Asos, and I went for the navy blue silk suit… I love a suit on girls! It just screams confidence for some reason, and can be super sexy in a non over the top way.

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Its also a super easy look, that you can dress up or down. Here I’ve worn it with my classic loafers (It was midday and I was off to a work lunch at the Sanderson afterwards), but for the evening I would of thrown on a pair of metallic heels and maybe a logo t-shirt under the jacket.

This look is something that I have shown through my clothes for a couple of years now, but combined with the super sleek hair it was totally refreshing. Hair products are so important not only protect your hair, but to keep it all in place for someone on the go like myself. And with this style in particular, its extremely easy to do, all you really need is the products and a flat iron which I’m sure most people own now. This is definitely a look I will be repeating, its so invigorating to strip it all back and be about simple no fuss hair.


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