As the year ends, and you seem to be drinking 10 times as much as you eat, a small wave of rebelliousness starts to weave through your mind. A fashion rebellion, one that triggers those emotions of ‘its only hair’, ‘I want to live in the moment’, ‘2016 was rubbish, going to start the new year with a complete new look, a new me’. STOPPPPPPPP

I am too one of those people who loves the fact that in the new year it can feel like a whole new start, but if you’ve also been growing your hair like me, take a minute, breathe, think about it, how good are we going to look by the Summer once our locks can effortlessly cover our boobs?!!

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It has now been 9 months since I started this journey. Having had my hair short for a year and a half, which I totally loved, but the flash back of images with my hip skimming hair has had me yearning for the old me (well, old hair).

If I’m honest about it, I thought it would of grown more than it has. But maybe thats because its my own hair that I cant see the amount it has moved on. Everyone around me seems to be amazed at the lenght of it; how they looked yesterday and it was a bob, now its officially mid-lenght hair! Also, its incredibly healthy! This is something that it totally lacked when it was long a couple of years ago. Its thick, strong and shiny, and thats definitely down to the new routine with Natasha at Kings Road Sassoon.

Going there once a month for a quick shine treatment. Using their hair products, shampoo, conditioner, protectors, blow dry serums. The whole lot I have totally bought into, and I’m so glad I have. As I said to you earlier, one day we will turn to see that our thick, shiny locks have completely surprised us and are now dancing half way down our backs, and now I can actually see that happening sooner than later.

The regular cuts have helped to keep it blunt, cutting off any split-ends I may have before they get any-worse, where you would then have to have even more cut off in a vicious cat and mouse style chase. Tragic. So keep up with the regular trims! I have started to add a few more weeks between cuts as its got longer and the layers have started to even out which is totally fine too. Everyones hair has a completely different growth rate, so your’ll know how long you need. I just wouldn’t go any longer than 12 weeks!

So before the years up, lets make a new years resolution now to keep growing it. Maybe leave the ‘new you’ to the ever evolving wardrobes.


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