So obviously working for myself I don’t have a Christmas party, but I’m still going to be going out! However with that, the fear of having that jaw dropping outfit to wow my (nonsignificant) co-workers hasn’t come this year…. But for my family and friends it has well and truly set in!

Most of the texts I’ve been getting recently is close ones asking me what they should wear, and if I’ve seen anything suitable, but as I searched, I realised how difficult it is this year with all the amazing but completely parallel looks which are out there this season. So here’s a breakdown, for everybody type and style.

I should start with the slightly older fabulous ladies out there, as my mum was the first one who questioned me on the whole matter, and honestly, it took me a whole weekend to find something for her! She’s sassy and totally beautiful, a 50 something showstopper who’s interested in fashion but doesn’t really want to be the one standing out from the crowd. For a brief like this I would always think of a classic, simple, beautifully fitted dress with killer accessories. We ended up settling on a Topshop cold shoulder (but long sleeved) black dress. Something that will be effortlessly flattering.

Anyone just had a little one like my sister? For her breastfeeding is a huge thing (even though she’ll be pumping on the night I’m sure).

You need something thats easy to manoeuvre, and for that a wrap dress is also perfect. But I know particularly for her she doesn’t want to be in anything that resembles maternity-wear, and that for her means she’s dying to get into something not fitted but something that shows she isn’t pregnant anymore! So if you get get back into your skinny jeans, congrats! Topshop do a pair of stretchy but thick skinny jeans called Jamie that I would definitely recommend! They are high waisted so will make your stomach area feel secure and tight. While on top I would go for a shirt or wrap to give you easy access to pump if you need to.

For the anti-dress society; suits are the way forward! I love that whole mens style look on women, it can be super sexy and look really cool. It’s one of my favourites, so if you have the confidence (and why wouldn’t you?!) Go for the suit!

The super cool, want to stand out from the crowd but in a rebellious way…. PVC is your new best friend. I promise, its going to be soooo good. I have a pair of trousers which I literally haven’t taken off, they ooze fashion, just mix it with really casual elements to even it out.



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