After a lengthy year of builders, carpenters and decorators in the flat, we finally have colour on the walls! And yes, I went for the one colour they all advised me not on, navy.

This dark blue obsession started like most, a home-wear Pintrest board. Liking all things modern scandi, with a new bold edge, my feed started to form a well and truly navy theme. With flashes of strong metallics and Spanish accents.

When we first moved in the walls were all white, which at the time suited my minimal marble obsession. But as they year moved on, I started to create a look of my own, something that makes me feel truly at home. And after the walls had been filled and smoothed, I knew that it was my chance to take a risk on something which had the potential to look incredible!


Most of the images on Pintrest were of much larger rooms than ours, with oversized windows flooding in heeps of natural light. So with ours we had to be super careful as there wasn’t any natural light flowing in that way, and decided to only paint navy from the midway skirting down — which worked out perfectly! We also added copper spot lights which are a great contrasting colour.

Actually deciding on the shade of blue was a mammoth task in its self. We headed to B&Q — a thousand times over, which you may have seen on my InstaStories. They have a great paint section there where you can mix shades to make your perfect one. Pulling out a couple of colours on their display: Blue Fringe, Night’s Blue Arch, Midnight Sonata and Blue Dusk, I was the one left to make the important decision, and ended up going with Blue Dusk. A chic, deep midnight blue shade in matte, its one that wont leave your walls looking like a teenage boys bedroom I promise!

The decorators left on Thursday evening — It feels so good to have our place back! And….. I love the walls! It was the best decorating decision I have made so far! Its chic, and intimate, and feels like an actual look for what use to look like a long and gloomy hallway. I actually ended up getting them to paint the bathroom in the same colour!

Next week the new furniture is arriving – hopefully. Some bits will still take a couple of weeks which is crazy! I’m sure we’re not the only one’s who sat on suitcases and pillows for the first couple of weeks when we moved in, or a plain mattress on the floor — well its all part of the fun I suppose. Next weekend Ill be popping up a full post on the flat and showing you all the bits we have so far. Home decorating is such an on going project and I’m loving it! Can’t wait to share!


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