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After a year and a half of non stop taking about building, plastering and painting, the living room is finally done! So teaming up with French Connection Homeware, we have collaborated to show you around my newly designed living room. 

First of all we should probably discuss how many people don’t know that FC actually does homeware! CRAZY! The designs are insane, all impeccably made, and with a price tag that’s not actually too painful either. I first fell in love with their designs back when I lived with a couple of girlfriends, one of who worked at the FC HQ would come home with such stunning lamps, and throws, I was hooked instantly! So when furnishing this flat with my boyfriend I knew I wanted to grab some of their scandi pieces.

I had spent a lot of time trying to make my living room look homely, but when keeping the walls white it can be really difficult. It almost felt clinical in there, and thats not somewhere you would want to relax in after a long day. So thinking about my new eccentric style, I began to think of a new homeware theme, ‘Cluttered Chic’, it would contain the basis of a minimal shell, but the contents would be busy, soulful and exciting. Enter FC, I knew that their pieces would give me that one off look, items which look like I had found during years of traveling around India and Morocco, collecting things with memories and meanings.

The chair is probably the first thing that I felt I needed. I mean its super cool right?! And now its here, I feel like the cowhide chair will eventually be that one piece we have forever. Its such a statement piece which has taken one of the focal points in our first home and I can imagine taking it with us to our future houses, creating different rooms around it. Here its the place where I sink in with a magazine and cup of tea, my throne of importance, where whatever Im wearing, I feel fabulous. Also I should note that the ceramics made at FC are incredible! Hand made with a faint finger print of each maker pressed in subtly. See, these are the little thing’s which give the items meaning.

Having moved on from last years minimal obsession, and now being all about the clutter; lots of interesting, over lapping textures, in deep blues and greens accompanied by various tones of pinks and browns, have started to flow around the room. My living room is now a room which has character, the ‘chic clutter’ look has given it a warm aura, a room which oozes my eclectic yet simple style. For me its the rug which makes the room feel warm, especially with light wood floors, you need something to soften it, and this more out there rug brings a completely new element to the room. I’ve seen for the past year a trend of the black and white checked rugs, which I did also give into last Summer, so to make this feel completely new I thought the tapestry rug would be a great change. 

Trying to also make sure that the room still goes together, in a eccentric, cluttered way, I realised that its down to the big furniture that needs to have that particular uniform. So with the insert of an extremely large mirror with a brown wood effect around it, I also bought the matching console table to keep some union and make it not look too flee market like. Note — large mirrors are a great way to make smaller spaces look bigger! Its also my new favourite selfie spot! 

Soft furnishing are my thing, I actually have too many that I’ve had to store away a couple of cushions and throws, but they are the accessories that can make a room. A couple of the throws I did keep were the FC ones, large chunky knits that drape over the cow hide chair, softening the over all appearance of the room.

There will also be a video to fallow soon! It helps to give a little more of a feel of the room and the vibe. Can’t wait to post! 


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