That one day when you’re told you have to love love. So if you’re going to do it, there’s no need to do it dressed like a hooker.

Trousers and flats can still be sexy — It’s what lies beneath!

My boyfriend likes me when Im dressed like this because it’s when I’m most confident. I love being dressed in something thats a little out of the norm. And Valentines day is the perfect one to take on a ‘no dress challenge’.

We’re actually staying in this year, I think. As its my birthday on The 9th, and obviously theres no need to be that super duper flash in one month. Plus we know how much we love each other haha. So it’s a take away and a film, but of course I’ll be dressing sassy still — I also have meetings all day so I’ll have to leave the house and pj’s are really acceptable.

So think out of the box, light and airy, flowy trousers combined with sexy transparent shirts. And flats. They are cool. I wont fall over, and I wont be conscious that my feet are moving at the right pace. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, are flats even cooler maybe?!!?!!

If you are the lucky type to get some pressies on the day, ask for anything Maria Tash! I so want to be one of those cool guys with all the odd piercings on one ear, I’m working on it, I just need Tash’s diamonds to match!


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