Recently I’ve had a change of style, well not so much change, more of an evolution of my fashion persona. And he’s more out there (yes my alter-egos male), but still in that super relaxed, ‘I just threw this on and ran out the house, now I’m at an event….blah blah blah’.

I think it’s really just down to the right accessories, having created a little collection of shoe and handbag babies, now dressing everyday for any occasion is fine because that one ‘it’ piece can do all the talking. And its incredible how much confidence a sold out, must have item can give you.

My JW Anderson bag hasn’t left my side since I got it in November. It’s in every instagarm image, every outfit blog post, and yes it may annoy some who yell ‘give it a rest’, but it was expensive, its an investment pieces, and I will use it everyday if I can. Thats what a good buy is.


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