Ticking off the SS17 trends one by one, and stripes is next on my list. However this year its not just about your classic blue sailor top from Petit Bateau, its more than that, more than a simple blue stripe, more than cotton jersey, yes yes, its time to clash.

Think ratios, playing with different sized stripes for each item. And colour, a dash of something bold is needed.

This particular look was made around those Victoria Beckham jeans via StyleBop. A clean straight leg with a flash for red running down the lenght of the leg. One huge think did run through my mind when wearing these, why had I never tried VB jeans before?!>! And how much I loved a playful denim. They a slightly out there without looking gimmicky which is key. VB of course, knows what she’s doing. —– Size wise, her stuff runs try to size! 

The second part was the top, and by this point being fixated on the stripe of the jeans, I knew I have to play around with that trend. Welcome the pyjama shirt of all shirts from MIH. A poplin, tailored style, which will be the key item in my wardrobe until the end of time. 

You may also noticed that I didn’t do the buttons up, just a quick wrap and stuffing into the waistband. 

Lastly, the accessories, well I did say it was all about the clash. Hellooooo python. I never thought I’d be that girl, but yes I now have a python belt and I love her. She’s smooth and sassy, and get’s all the attention. She’s been busy everyday since we met.

The shoes, have I shown these before?! I don’t think I have. So, Topshop, I know they look super expensive! Probably the comfiest heels I’ve ever worn! The heels are chunky and the embroideries bold. Just maybe go down a size? They come up a little big.


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