Its a khaki day, khaki season, khaki on khaki. You’ve seen it everywhere in every shop and style from the beginning of time. Leading the question, has it ever gone out of fashion? Maybe khaki is the way forward.


This one is a two piece (shirt and trousers) from Leon Max. I ended up going one size bigger in the shirt which will be perfect to wear open and layer with, but for this styling I probably should of gone true to size. Also THE BAG, gorgeous right?!?! Loewe is my latest obsession. So chic, so effortless. I never thought I’d be one for a tan bag but its the perfect combo for khaki. —- Keep your eyes open for a little more Loewe coming soon!




Double khaki, like double denim can be uber chic, it takes guts to wear a trend like that so you automatically get fashion points for even taking it on. But like Britney and her denim nightmare, it can go worng, so dont push it. Stick to two max, a shirt and trousers like I have. Or maybe a khaki jacket and matching accesoories?




It’s for all occasions, but mainly casual. Its the type of colour that is often created in cotton and often oversized. Like my last post, a khaki jacket can be the perfect tool to casual down a dressy dress. Think summer florals for a bbq, with your slouchy worn in shaket on your shoulders. That whole casual and effertless vibe will keep you safe for most unknown dress codes. Its also alot cooler to not be so dressed up.


Ever thought of the khaki boiler suit? One of my favourite tools. This is actaully perfect for every occasion. Worn casully on the weekend with trainers while in B&Q, or slightly rolled up and with a cute pair of feathered sandals for lunches with wine in the sunshine (that I’m hopeing we will exprience soon!). Also think of it for nights out, with a pair of chunky heels, just for this make sure that you have the right boiler suit for your shape. I know for me I have to grab one from the petite section so its not too long in the body.