Yes, another floral dress. This season I will be wearing a lot of them. They’re just so handy! Light, airy, covers all your sins, plus you can layer each time to create a totally different vibe. This ones from Zara, there new season and at £59.99 it’s the perfect one to take you from Spring to Summer. Also if anyones pregnant this dress is a dream for you! It’s super wide, so will be an angel for those uncomfortable days when you have to make an effort still.


I’ve been loving that Topshop khaki jacket as it just casuals down a look instantly. And with super high Miu Miu’s on when picking up your mangos, this outfit needed calming down.




So, the boots. Yes they’re Miu Miu. They were £705, and oh my are they not worth it. I never really write bad reviews, I’m all about the positivity, but I have to talk about these and how disappointed I am. I love Miu Miu, those ballet pumps with the ribbon around the ankles I wear almost every day, and they’ve lasted! But the boots have really hurt my fashion pulse. First of all, they mark, instantly! Any tiny brush and they’ve had it. I was lucky to get hold of them just before LFW (They’re pretty hard to get hold of! Especially in a 36!) And when I wore them with that yellow Isabel Marant dress I felt so incredible! But by day three, I woke up with marks all over them and I was missing the bottom part of one of the heels….

So yeah, this wasn’t the best. After calling Miu Miu they explained that the only option was for them to send them to Italy to be re-healed which would take around a month. A MONTH! I had just bought these super expensive boots to wear twice.


Anyways, I ended up going to my local cobblers who thankfully managed to fix them in a couple of hours.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the boots, the shape is incredible, they look chic and expensive, the colour is gorgeous, but they were not worth the money for how quickly they deteriorated.




Since they now look worn in, I might as well not bother saving them for best, so I guess I’m getting my moneys worth by wearing them more? And they are super comfortable.




If you’re going to buy expensive, go for leather! Suede and velvet always seem like a great idea but they mark super quickly, and you can get some really out there leather styles that will have everyone looking. I am still a great believer in buying more expensive accessories and shoes that stand out and will hopefully last a lot longer than high street, but make sure you do some research on them and how they will wear before you had over your credit card!