Since I’ve worn this dress around a dozen times and posted it on instagram non stop since I bought it last month, I thought it was about time I actually wrote about it. And told you all why exactly I have completely and totally fallen in love with it.


First of all, it’s Isabel Marant. She’s chic, Parisian, effortless, and the clothes she designs ooze it all. They have some special power, where the natural feel of the fabric glide around your body, with all it’s oversized material, caressing all the right points, whilst leaving the rest to the imagination. Her clothes make you feel sexy, in a tomboy kind of way. You know other fashionistas who spot you know, they know that is Marant, they know you know your stuff, its a secret exchange in the eyes between you both, and its magical.


So yes I love her. And when spotting this wonder on Style Bop in that mustard yellow, resembling one of those Indian flowers, I knew it me.


Ive worn this dress so many different ways already. its a dream. Here I wore it casually with the Mango military jacket, which went into the sale for £29.99! Also, finally I was able to wear my birthday shoes! No 21, mustard knots, which will be wrapped around my feet for the entire summer. I’ve also made a little more casual and teamed it with my Topshop khaki shacket and Feiyue trainers, which looked odd but strangely put together. For something like that strong accessories are super important, and obviously I constantly have my JW glued to my arm — I can’t help it, I become addicted to things! But at least I’m getting my moneys worth!


Of course it was my birthday dress, turning a year older had never felt so good. Even with the rain in the morning it couldn’t stop me, I threw on my patent Mango biker boots and an oversized coat and headed to lunch with my family.  Later on swapping them for a heeled version as my boyfriend and I headed to Novikov for dinner — Like Sushi? You have to go to Novikov! It’s sooooo delicious, for sure a special occasion place though.


Last night I wore the dress once again, (I know people are going to get sick of it soon), but never have I ever felt so sassy! Worn with my velvet Miu Miu boots and new Topshop vinyl coat. I got on the tube like that too. I kind of felt the whole carriage look, oddly at the colour combo plus the shine. I liked the looks.


Basically this dress goes with everything, it’s a stunning colour that matches my skin tone well, and the lenght allows the shoes possibilities to be endless. When you find the dress of your dreams, you know.