Say hello to my newest child, the Balenciaga tote, a medium (large) striped leather beauty, which carries everything I’ll ever need. Now for the truth, he’s second hand, pre owned, not brand new. I know, I never thought I could do it before, but when items sell out, and you start to get the itch of needing it even more because you know you can’t, you have to take drastic measures.





My new striped love was found on Vestiaire Collective, a Parisian company collecting, buying and selling only the chicest and must lusted luxury items out there. I started selling with them a couple of months ago with their VIP service, where they pick up all the items you’ve agreed on (there’s a minimum retail value) and then in Paris they check all the items, check the authenticity, photograph them and put them on the site on your behalf. Once the item is sold they then transfer an amount minus commission. It’s perfect for me, I’m able to sell a couple of high price items with minimum fuss, and am able to get a good price on them because it’s selling to other fashionistas who have been on the hunt for it. So Vestiaire is all about finding that one fashion piece you regret not buying, not about discounts, although they do do promotions every now and then that helps!





I picked this bag as I had been after it for a while now. I needed something new in the wardrobe, an addition that wasn’t like anything else I had, and an oversized tote was just what I needed. I had visited Balenciaga in Selfridges a few time (the girls there are so lovely!) And they had been hunting down this colour combo for me, from their FW16 runway. Anyways long story short it was sold out everywhere! So as I then took a few days to think of maybe purchasing the yellow striped tote as my second favourite, like magic this one popped up on Vestiaire!





I ended up paying the same amount it would be at brand new, so at second had you may think I had lost out a little, but when you take the fact that its sold out everywhere into consideration its a no brainer. It’s obviously high in demand, so if I do in fact decide to sell it like the owner before me it should sell, quickly.


Now for the real stuff. He’s perfect, crazy and perfect. He goes with everything because he has so much colour. I can fit everything into him and he still feels chic. The leathers thick and fabulous, and I think he’ll last. I’ve worn him countless amount of times with jeans and trainers and that PVC coat, but on the weekend when we had that amazing weather I took him along to a BBQ on Sunday, teaming him with my red flowy jumpsuit from French Connection and some old slides. It looked super laid back and chic, and made me think that I should for sure take him on holiday, maybe he could double up as my beach bag.