Have you ever notice that every blogger does it, no matter how sassy they are, they often fall back to that fail safe look, the basic statement tee and jeans combo, with an outlandish shoe and the ‘it’ bag of the season. Its a no brainer. A combo that will give you that effortless ‘blogger’ look. 4 ‘tick’ moments, and here’s where to get them:




Every store sells them, and every style goes. I have collected so many over the last year, and have worn them all to death. A statement tee is something that should kind of reflect your personality. The tongue-in-check saying should be fun, and almost something that you would say, or a quote you image someone to say about you. Victoria Beckhams t-shirt she recently released is the perfect example; ‘Fashion Stole My Smile’. FYI, they’ve sold out, and do every-time they restock, desperately trying to get my hands on that one!




Denim is also personal. Its a trial and error journey, where people often buy smaller in the hopes of them stretching out or them loosing weight. Yes I’ve done that, but for these, don’t. You want these to be a little baggier, almost boyfriend like, but straight cut. A little fringing or patchwork would be a bonus. But not too much, look to Vetements for inspo, or the purchase if you’re lucky enough. Their designs are sleek but still deconstructed.


I also like a thick denim, no stretch for me! These ones are Topshop Boutique, real 70’s, and perfect with the combined yellow accents. Another pair that I’m obsessing over are the Levis 501 straight cut in vintage blue, they are super comfy and just make you feel cool instantly. I would recommend going into store for those though as I ended going down two sizes compared to my normal go to number. Topshop however are true to size!




One of my favourite new power items, a real strong fashion shoe. It gives you that elevated fashion nerd feeling, as something so bold requires some balls, and well, I’m the girl.


You need to think about what’s going to get yo through the season the most. What’s your go to? A studded ankle boot? Slides? Pumps? Mules? Think, and then do your research, you want to get the best of the best, and this is where the investments start. Say you go a pair of Gucci loafers at £480, but you wore that everyday  for the whole of Summer, and they made you feel incredible and important and confident, is that worth it for you?


Also one main point is that you want a pair that go with everything! I bought my Miu Miu ballet pumps last Summer and am still wearing them! I probably wear them around 3 times a week? And they go with jeans, dresses, everything. Just note that when buying Miu Miu, I would go down on size.




The piece everyone wants. The ‘omg did you see her bag?!’, ‘Arghh can I touch it?!’ These are the moments you live for, the lust in your friends eyes that you have that baby under your arm, going home with you every night, smiling in your instagrams. Exactly like the shoes its a huge investment, but using it everyday, and it surviving, verse your highstreet one starting to peel at the handle. It’s a goal, something that you can work hard for. It also tastes better that way.


Then whats the brand, the style? Well, who are you? What’s your style? Chic like Prada, minimal like Celine? Every brand has a personality, look for the one that feels like you, it will then ensure that it works with your wardrobe too.