For this posts theres not really any message, no lesson to be learnt. I’ve bought this topic up a few times now that you must all be aware of how much I’m loving dresses worn with trainers at the moment. It kind of started with that Nike campaign I did last month, where I decided to wear the new Nike Air VaporMax trainers with that limited edition H&M Studio dress. It gave the dress a totally new vibe and made me totally rethink the way I wear dresses.





Trainers are now acceptable with dresses. The former rules are no longer, and to be honest its not the only traditional fashion rule that has now dissolved. Who remembers their mum saying that blue and black was a no no? Or to keep pink and red separate? Well I bet now that its your favourite new combo? With the rebellious years of the 90’s making a huge stand for and against fashion, by the 00’s, we started to experiment, and instead of just going against the norm, we questioned them, and now, we’re making our own rules.




With that being said, the point that I’m trying to get to is who are you? Yes fashion and whats new is super exciting, but if the dress isn’t you, you don’t feel comfortable in the shoes, or you hide the new must have accessory when not with the ‘it’ crowd out of embarrassment, who cares. Why buy an item because its on everyone else?! You have to buy pieces that suit you, that work with your body and personality and your lifestyle. There’s alot to tick off, and being the most fashion forward is a huge bonus, but getting the fit for your shape, and having it look like it suits you is way more important.




For me, I feel like trainers and dresses suit me, its the odd combo that works perfectly for a self proclaimed tomboy. Comfort is my number one, and this look allows me to enjoy all those sassy tea dresses while knowing I can stomp around in 100% comfort. I also love the look and vibe it gives. It appears effortless, and also reflects on what type of person you are, like I said, clothes should reflect your personality.




This dress is from Bimba Y Lola, a blue patterned midi (which is maxi on me!) I first came across the Spanish brand about two years ago when I saw a girl glide through a restaurant in Liverpool wearing a white maxi with star’s printed all over it. I couldn’t stop staring at her! Luckily she was nice and told me where it was from after I complimented her — girls being nice to girls, yayyyyy!!!!! Anyways, I searched high and low and couldn’t find it anywhere, still cant, so I realised that Bimba sells out super fast, and once its gone its gone. So when I saw this dress in their Kings Road store, I knew I needed it! I actually wore it last week and walked past one of their stores and the sales assistant came out to ask me where I got it from because its now sold out everywhere! But don’t worry, find below lots of other tea dress wonders that you can fan over.