Another weekend, another hunt for homeware additions, and this week is all about lamps.


With so much going on it the flat with the new ‘cluttered chic’ vibe, any new contender needs to be big and bold so it doesn’t get lost in the room. I need something that can hold its own, and oozes with character. I want every piece I invest in to have a story. Yes they probably haven’t been hand picked while traveling through India, in fact most things I have are probably mass produced, but theres still a huge difference between heavily produced items but ones that have quality and the appearance of depth, compared to mass produced cheaper styles that will be in very discount homeware store and will probably break. We want a bargin, but quality, and something that isn’t going to appear on everyone else’s Instagram. DRAMA.

Having reluctantly thrown out a couple of large plants this week (I always kill them! How do you keep them alive in a darkish London flat?!?!?), I have a couple of lonely places that need filling up, and like I said, the flat doesn’t get too much light so lamps are essential!


I already have the French Connection brass floor lamp that looks over that cow hide chair. Thrown into a room with so much going on, sectioning two or three pieces together like that kind of makes a really intimate corner of its own. So with that in mind, and before other pieces of furniture I ordered 10 weeks ago arrive (furniture takes so long!), it’s time to figure out what other corners I can create within our 1 bedroom flat.


The bedroom is one of the rooms we haven’t really got around to yet, we’ve had it all painted white, and the fitted wardrobes are finally done, but thats about it. It needs more character, more essences of who we are. Yes white walls are fabulous, and oh so perfect for Instagram (priorities), but sometimes you need more. While I wait for the additional furniture, and still decide on the artwork that will grace those walls, its lighting that I need asap. The current main light is pretty close to the window, and with no way of having it moved to the middle due to the uncertainty of beams, it’s lamps that will be my saviour. In my mind I picture one of those huge semi circle style floor lamps, that lean the whole way over the bed, but maybe changing that chrome head for the large feather lampshade currently gracing the ceiling.

I’ve also come across a couple of incredible interior designers, obviously through Instagram and Pinterest. One being an Italian Brass Fan-Shaped Floor Light by Tommaso Barbi, 1970er. Its stunning. Lots of history and character, maybe that should be the route I go down?