As the count down for the Maldives starts, (yes I know, Maldives!) The fun part of organising the suitcase can begin.

I saw this dress at the Mango press office a couple of months ago, and fell in love with it straight away. The colour is bold and garish, but the layer of floaty chiffon and playful frills on the shoulders add a slight softness to it. The combination also make it look super expensive. Well, I mean it already is expensive at £169.99, and from Mango you don’t really expect that, but being one of their more premium pieces, I’m hoping that the quality reflects the amazing design and it lasts longer than typical high-street.



When buying something like this you need to know that you will wear it at least a couple of times. Its that hard push and pull situation between getting your monies worth and also not being seen as you’re wearing it all the time as it’s extremely memorable.


I know that I’ll be taking this on a couple of my trips coming up, especially Maldives. I’ll wear it during the day one day, with no accessories, natural hair, and then maybe one night, with a pair of statement earrings and slick back hair possibly. I think as long as you give the looks different vibes its fine. And that colour amongst all that breathtaking blue will be stunning!


I am also going to Marbella twice for hens, within two weeks —- I don’t know how I’m going to coupe! But at least I can take this there. We’re having a chef come to the Villa one night to make dinner so this might be a nice option for then.




I have so many weddings to attend this year, and that means a new outfit for each. Normally you see the same faces so you don’t want to be wearing the same dress to a wedding till at least the following year, when your hairs different, you’ve changed your ‘it’ bag and you can make the dress look totally different. We have one wedding to attend in August which is going to be in Spain, so obviously I need it to be a little more holiday like and less formal. For that type of brief this dress would be perfect. You want something bright and floaty.




One of the hottest colour combs this season. Mix it for any occasion, with accessories, shoes, or go all out with a red/pink two piece? Attico do a stunning red and pink colour block dress that effortlessly hits the trend on the head. A lighter way of doing this style if you’re a little spectacle is with accessories. These earrings are also from Mango and are a complete head turner. Of the ladies on the Mango office was wearing them the other day with just a simple white t-shirt and she looked uber cool!