The Summer dress is a powerful thing, when found in the right cut, colour and style for you, it will effortlessly carry you through the season.


I have a couple now, collected from the last 12 months or so, mainly from Isabel Marant, Zara, Topshop and Realisation Par – which is where this green wrap dress is from. I became obsessed with the brand last Summer when I purchased their short red wrap style dress. With a combo of printed stars and ruffles around the bust, it was the perfect on trend piece, which I wore on every holiday, for BBQ’s here in London, nights out, you can say that it was my every occasion dress as it was so easy to change with shoes and accessories. It was also this dress which made me realise that the wrap style was super flattering on my petite frame. I have a super short torso, so need something that will glide around my midriff and not bunch. Also the low v neck, long sleeves, short dress was the perfect skin/material ratio — I do not like to feel too naked, its cooler to cover a little more I think, a this brand is already know for for being extremely provocative. Read their descriptions of the items, a little risky and something they have been pulled up on before.  I think its pretty cool though in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.



So that dress was the beginning of my infatuation with the sometimes ‘sexy’, but cool Summer dress. It was followed by a flock of long sleeve, mid lenght wonders (I realised that was the best combo for me and my shape and frame), in bolder and bolder colours. I wanted to invest in pieces that stand out, real show stopper dresses that hold memories. Like the Isabel Marant dress in mimosa which I have worn to death. Its one that stands out but in a chic effortless way, and it makes me feel great every time I wear it, worth every penny!


So the key, find the shape that suits you best, the lenght, then decide on the colour, will you go for a flock of bright off the shoulder wonders, or keep it chic in a mid-lenght stripes?



The silky slip has been reinvented recently with the trusted styling trick of layering a top underneath. It gives it that 90’s edge, making it a little more casual and wearable for day to night. Trainers with silky slips also look great and make me feel a lot more casual.




Everyone needs one. Its sexy and sassy, and well, the collar bone is the most attractive part right?! Also team with trainers, converse for a new casual take, or with chunky short gladiator styles, I think they’re making a come back!




This is my theme, a real out there, ‘oh my where did she find that’ kind of dress. Something that stands out for its colour or cut. It’s also one that is a little harder to get hold of, so something more expensive, but remember these are the pieces which will last!


If you want to casual one of these down a little, your’ll need a new little Summer jacket to dance on your shoulders. A light linen one will be the perfect holiday evening jacket, or go for a bomber jacket style to edge up somehting a little girlie. Still on the hunt? Play it safe with the oversized denim jacket, you cant go wrong with it.




I love a long sleeve, they are just so flattering, and even a style out if its a little shorter or has a large slit.