If you haven’t been trying to suppress that longing for a soft velvety sofa in a ridiculous ‘its going to be ruined within the first week’ urge in the last year, well, what the hell have you been doing??!?


Its luxurious, and not needed, but totally wanted. Having now turned into a total home decorator/interior designer/renovator, my home collection is growing. This week my table was returned (after a poorly leg), and the stools also arrived, after I had to reorder them because apparently I was too lazy to measure how tall the table was. Anyways its here, and I can finally work respectably in my little office in the corner. (I’m still writing this from the sofa however).

Now what to buy? I could start on the kitchen, work out what we’re going to do with the bedroom? But no, I want to fantasise over those uber soft chairs which will make me feel fabulous while drinking my gin and tonic late at night. One small problem, we’re a flat on the first floor. And our door and corridor is ridiculously narrow. This isn’t a slight exaggeration, we actually had to return our first sofa because it wouldn’t fit in, we also only got a 90% refund, and had to sit back on the boxes/duvet combo for another couple of weeks.


Of course trusted Next had one that you could buy in sections, so we grabbed the first ‘ready to send’ modular sofa we saw and have had it since. Yes its done us well but they often come apart. And its that one thing that is starting to really get to me. Also the material has started to bobble, but thats just usual wear and tear I guess.


So, now what do I do? Go back to Next and get a different modular style, one that now comes in velvet! I know! Or do I take the risk of trying to fit a new full sofa in? Do I take the windows out and hope passerby’s will know how to get it in?


Too much. So lets just dream of these for a while:



The most ridiculous, but oh so fabulous. Need convincing? Head to No 197 Chiswick Fire Station. Their deco is insane! It will have you watering at the mouth for all things velvety pink, brass, with high ceilings, and and overload of cacti. Basically, its the dream.


Going to make it a reality? Maybe go for a chair, one you can have by your bed, or in the corner of the living room with a floor lamp and stack of magazines, West Elm have a real minimal one thats just come out. But if you’re really going for it, the pink sofas at John Lewis are AMAZING!



The underdog. A velvet green sofa can be super plush. It’s also a little more unique in the world of velvet sofas. Also, want unique, that shell shape chair is from : Soane.




The statement, the obvious, but the most practical. The dark navy is a dream and the one people are migrating towards. It looks stunning, and will probably last the longest. If this is what you’re after, for sure check out THIS one at Next, its not the modula, just the standard design, and its a really dark matte velvet.


However, want to make a blue statement? Ocean blue is the new baby to buy. STUNNING. John Lewis and Loaf have the best.