How do you think people afford it all? They can’t all be millionaires!?! And they’re not. We live in a country which loves a bargin, we’re a generation of people who love getting everything they want, we work hard and play harder.  But the difference? We shop smart, discount smart to be specific.


All hail Bicester Village. A cute village esq out door shopping centre where you can shop all your favourite designer babies with the help of a ‘oh its last season so here’s 20% off or so’. Yes that’s all it is, last season goods that never sold which have been shipped off like discount puppies, hoping to find a new home. Well come to me.


The Maldives is this week! I know I have been talking about it non stop, well its finally here, and to get me prepped for it I headed to Bicester Village to stock up on the blogger holiday necessities.


Its just a 46 minute train from Marylebone, and that’s direct. No need to argue over who’s going to drive.


You need to know that you will still be spending money, its not free. Designer clothes and accessories are still expensive, even when discounted, but the feeling of saving a couple of £100 on the must have it bag is priceless. Also for me personally Bicester is all about the accessories. I don’t really go in for the clothes, well I do for my boyfriend – they have an amazing Reiss there where I stock up on all his basics and a couple of cuban style shirts for his trip to Miami next month.


For this trip I was after the perfect blogger holiday cliches. Everything that kind of makes a basic beach picture work. Enter the first purchase: My new beach bag. Prada. Fabulous. Chic. She’s a dream. I thought about this for a while. I saw it in the morning, put it on hold than went for wine. half way through I knew I have to run back.

One of the most classic purchases was my Celine rectangle sunnies. I love Celine, I have so many of her sunglasses as they kind of suit me, I hope, so I know I’ll wear these loads.

Is its a scarf? Blanket? Sarong. Yes to all. Its actually a mens scarf, which I will use to cover up my modesty while moving from the beach to the bar.

Lastly is the ‘IT belt’ of the season, the Gucci double G. Completely surprised to find it so early on it the season, I had to have it. Even if baby pinks not my fav, I’ll make it work!


  1. Go with an honest friend, you don’t want to go too crazy, you need to live for the rest of the month.
  2. Put items on hold and think for an hour. Most things are non returnable.
  3. If you can’t find anything don’t worry, head back in a couple of weeks, the stock changes so quickly.
  4. Mark out the shops you want to hit first, mine are always Gucci, Loewe, Chloe, Prada, and then everything else after.
  5. Make sure you eat on the train down, we don’t have time for fainting, and you need that energy.