Surgery haters? Leave now. If you’ve been keeping up, your’ll know that I’m all for slightly altering your appearance if its been thoroughly thought out, and of course, if it results in a boost of self esteem. We’re young, we should be happy, and if there’s something that you don’t like about yourself well its time to do something about it.


First of all, I’ll start by saying I haven’t had much, at all. Just my lips a couple of times with Transform which I have documented many times as I don’t feel any shame in admitting it. So many girls get it done, it’s super common, and was something that I thought long and hard about. Of course there are always a handful of people who find the need to push their negative thoughts on me, but it made me a lot more confident as it made my lips appear a lot more even. It made me happier, and thats what matters.




You may have seen from my Insta-stories that I am absolutely obsessed with boxing at the moment! Its such an incredible rush. All dark, loud club style music which completely takes you away from all your daily stresses, and the trainers at Kobox are incredible! A quick 45mins 2-3 times a week and I’m at my best. But with all the hard work I have noticed that the hips area is my problem area. The fat just doesn’t seem to shift (unless I’m on heartbreak diet and that is just not healthy!) It’s also even more annoying because at 5’1, and with a super short torso, the added layer around my midriff makes me appear bigger, and squarer.




With this problem in mind, I had seen the Transform had been advertising Body Sculpting at their new Cornhill surgery. I did a little research online and found out that what they offer is a procedure for anyone who has areas which are difficult to shift. In basic terms, what they do is suck a small area into the plastic rectangle, and once in, the machine attached freezes that area. The first 10 minutes is uncomfortable, after that its numb so absolutely fine for a further 20 minutes. Then this is where the pain starts, once the machine is taken away, the nurse then has to massage that area for two minutes. THIS WAS NOT GREAT. But it increases the chances of a successful operation by an insane amount, so definitely worth doing, and its over pretty quick. NOTE: I have a super low pain threshold, my friend had it done a couple of weeks before me and felt nothing! She even had a nap.



No down time at all, you can go straight back to your daily doings, even to the gym if you like. I did feel a little sore that day though, so I recommend doing it later in the day and relaxing after. Apart from that it was all fine, the area was just a little numb for the next couple of weeks.




Its been a month since the procedure so far, and although they say it takes around 2 months for the procedure to take effect, I think my hips are already looking tighter! What happens is that as the fat cells simple liquify and pass through your system.


Another thing, your’ll see from my lack of before and after pictures, or non existent underwear posses, that this wasn’t about doing it for anyone else but myself. I wanted to feel clothes glide around my hips more smoothly, especially in dresses like this Realisation Par one. I’m so happy I’m content-plating heading back to have my inner thighs done, well bikini season is coming!


For anyone thinking about this I would of course as a stylist encourage you to learn a couple styling tricks first to try alter the area you’re not happy with. Different lengths of clothing and shapes can alter proportions, I often do this alot to change the appearance of my height. But yes if this and working out regularly isn’t having the desired effect, I would recommend heading to Transform for a consultation. Also they are actually having an event at their Cornhill surgery on Wednesday 10th May where you can ask questions, watch live demos and even win a treatment.