Yesterday I went to show my support for the Istituto Marangoni’s London School of Fashion at their Graduate Fashion Week show.


When I first got the email I was ecstatic, as it bought back all these terrifying but also incredible feels of how I felt when I was showing my collection at GFW, back in 2001.


In my mind I had the designs of my own and pieces my friends had created, whilst staying up all night, living in the sewing room. With pieces unfinished, sewn up on the models just before they head down the runaway, this was what I expected of yesterday, but I was completely wrong.


In my 6 years of being out of the design industry, (styling found me and I never looked back), it seems that these graduates have up’d their game. Everything was impeccable, sleek and formed from a true and structured theme.


Having watched all 10 talented designs, I’ve popped below my top 5 favourites, the ones that I cant wait to see taking over the fashion industry in years to come, which I’m sure they will.





Starting off with my favourite, Ece completely blew me away! Her designs are incredible! Structured PVC which was bent into angles and shapes I had no idea you could form. Also its a huge sign that PVC is here to stay, the voice of the future has spoken!


A nod to space-wear (in my eyes), the transparent sun hats maybe the next thing. Super editorial! Also the rope piping is a little Christopher Kane like, real 90’s!




Made up my mind on this designer as soon as that orca yellow, high slit, structured dress came stomping down the runway. I want it, need it, have to have it.


A real playful use of connecting colours with squiggly lines, a little JW-esq.





A romantic dream of chiffon frilly layers and bared nipples. Uber floaty, true sassy evening gowns, with huge potential of the black one transforming into the perfect wedding dress if it was white. Thinking of Julien Macdonald with this collection because of the sweet/sexual contradiction, love it!




Another brace one taking on the transforming PVC style. This time in the oh so chic combo of red and pink – a huge trend last season. A little reminiscent of Fendi a/w17 which I am obsessed with.




Cèline-esq bold yet simple shapes in minimal whites. Simple always works, but only when everything is up to the best quality. Anna has managed to keep a real sleekness to her collection while adding that playful hit of unexpected colour and shapes. Real fierce.