The photos haven’t stopped I know, but when the scenery is so stunning how can you blame me?!


Last month I was lucky enough to travel to the Maldives with my Friends Kavita Cola and Rosie Fortescue. And before I start talking about the resorts as I’ve had so much interest about them since I got back (lots of friends planning their honeymoons!) I should just warn you about the travel if Rosie hasn’t done so yet.


Be prepared for a full day of travel. We flew from London Heathrow to Dubai, then from Dubai to Male, then from Male we got a boat to the first resort, Angsana Ihuru Island Resort. Safe to say that we were nakard! And of course in true travel chic style, I was sick on the second flight. So priorities, comfy travel wear is a must! I always go for a flowy midi dress and trainers. Its my comfy go to as jeans are too restricting.


Angsana Ihuru Island Resort


The first resort is known for its famous coral reef, where divers travel from all over the world to visit. Annoying the weather was a little off when we got there (always check the seasons!) so the sea was too rough to dive, plus I noticed on a board that there is sharks about, plus a million other species, and I’m not that brave!



Some wildlife that we did get stuck into though was the sting ray feeding on the island opposite, the Banyan Tree. They have a boat which takes you back and forth so it was super easy, and come 5:30pm its time for those stingrays to swim in like a house pet for their regular feeding ritual. NOTE: do not wear a hat if its windy, mine blew into the stingray infested sea, although one of the workers was kind enough to go in and get it for me. (the staff are all so sweet and accommodating!)


Here the island is small but gorgeous, a tiny sand beach surrounding small hut like villas. Each had its own garden with a gorgeous and instagramable swing, which then lead straight to the sea. In the mornings it was so picturesque!


After two nights we jumped back in the boat to Male, and then headed to the airport to jump on one of the sea-planes. An hours journey that was pretty dramatic (Rosie has a fear of small planes, so bless her she cried the whole way, thank you again Kavita for taking control!) Sea-planes really aren’t for the faint hearted, I was fine on the way there but when traveling back we had to stop three times to pick up other people form other islands, and the seas were pretty rough, it was a bad couple of hours.




Angsana Velavaru Island Resort


After the awful sea plane, we arrived to pure bliss, a gorgeous welcome of drum playing, warm smiles and the most incredible view of pure turquoise sea. We were staying on the island with the Villas in the sea on Angsana Velavuaru, and they were stunning! Spoilt with one to myself, it was double story, with a double bed, lounge area, upstairs balcony and lounge, my own pool, and stairs straight down to the sea. It was AMAZING!

This is the place you want to be with your other half, super romantic, time to just sit and enjoy the sun. Totally undisturbed quality time together. Also the room service menu was the best, it had everything you could want so there wasn’t really any need to leave your villa. Although on the neighbouring island that was were the resorts restaurants were and they were also amazing if you did want a chance of scenery, or even to experience a little more beach life.


All in all, the travels not great, but once you’re there its worth it. Complete luxury in an island that makes you feel you are worlds away from the norm.