Packing, normally people hate it. The panic of; ‘Is this the right vibe? Do I have enough? What if the weather suddenly changes?!’ Stop panicking. Its ok, this should be fun, it’s the start of your vacay!!!!


So why do I like it? Because I’m organized and I think logically (in this occasion only).




How many days are you there? 7 days? Two outfits per day (1 for the day – sometimes you can mix and match, i.e same shorts a couple of days, just new tops, and an evening outfit for each day).






For the day, your’ll end up living in your bikini/swimsuit, so for a week I would normally pack:

2 bikini’s

2 swimsuits – to mix it up


In most resorts they ask you to not wear just your bikini in the restaurants, so when lunching or traveling around the island/town you want to be in ultra light layers, something floaty and fuss free. You also want to look chic for those photo ops, lets face it, everyones instagram obsessed so you always have to be ready. So what to pack for these moments:


1 pair of denim shorts – oversized are best

3 oversized shirts – super chic way to cover a little with just a bikini too

1 maxi dress

2 midi dress

1 short dress


The mix in dress lenght gives you a variety and will cover all options of suitability to your surroundings. I.e maxi for visiting unknown towns, short for the resort on super hot days, midi because they are amazing for all occasions. Also wrap dresses are a new fav of mine, and silk. Lots of silk! Dry cleaning is a nightmare but they are super light and airy, perfect for hot climates. Lastly try and make one dress a crochet number, its the perfect coverup.






Evening dressing is normally a nightmare. Its hot and sweaty, your make up is running down your face, and the humidity has frizzed the mane you just spent an hour straightening. So a fussy outfit is the last thing you need. Also you never really know the vibe of a resort before you get there, how casual or dressy it can be. So to cover these basis the best combo I find is:


1 pyjama style set – super casual but chic

1 jumpsuit/playsuit – another casual one perfect with flats

1 two piece – a matching top and skirt, the perfect wow outfit

4 dresses – bring a variety, dressy/casual – can always mix in a couple of your day dresses. Make sure each is a different colour or print, we need diversity for those pictures!






This is what will make your looks this holiday. An easy SOS dress up situation of a huge pair of statement tassel earrings, or a quick couple of inches (height)


3 pairs of earrings, good for all day, bikini shots, with your maxi dress during the day or to dress up that evening pyjama suit

1 beach bag – make it large

1 day bag – a side or wicker basket is best

1 evening bag – just an easy clutch to go with everything

1 wicker hat – no one wants the sun on them all the time, and they’re perfect for photos

1 pool slides – just easy throw ons

1 pair of nice slides for chic lunches, traveling to towns, maybe to travel home in, casual in evenings

1 pair of wedges – good for nice days, evenings


I would say don’t bother with heels, no one ends up wearing them. It will be wasted space. I promise.


Next week I’ll be writing a quick easy guide for City Break Packing!