Girls, do not be afraid of the long dress, its chic, airy in the heat, and the perfect life-saver for that pre-holiday wax!


We all do it, panic right before our holiday when the sun comes out and run for the razor. But no need, save the hair free pins for your Instagram while posing on the beach in the south of France. While at home, we have plenty of sassy numbers to keep you looking chic whilst running from meeting to meeting.

This Mango dress was totally my saviour. From the Committed Collection, all natural and organic materials which leave you feeling cool and well, lets face it, oh so chic with their neutral pallet and edgy shapes. Note again that I am 5’1, so on me this is floor lenght, well I did actually have to pin up the back corner of it to lift it a little. But on the average height, the front should hit calf lenght.