The Summer is here! So in with all the Summer dresses, OTT sunglasses and basket bags. I want to walk the streets with the sun on me, happy from that deep dose of vitamin D.


Hand in hand with the sudden glorious change in weather, comes Asos and their fabulous next day delivery! Two days before I fly on my holiday, the night before a housewarming, the frantic panic of being invited to a last minute BBQ. Asos have your back.

Like I wright in all my posts, just because they have a sale doesn’t mean you should go crazy (well only just a little), you still want things to be classic, things that will last the season and longer. And with Asos stocking over 850 brands, you have plenty to choose from. So you need a plan, what vibe are you going for? Who are you this season? What type of girl do you want to be? For me I’m a dress girl, tea dresses, floral, short, midi, I love them all. I know that a wrap looks good on me and I love the juxtaposition of a trainer with them, particularly Vans.











Asos were also my savior with my recent trips to Marbella. I am pretty organised with shopping, if I see something I like I buy it, and I shop smart so I know it will fit in my wardrobe somewhere, but no matter how organised you are theres always that last minute lust for what you don’t have, and for me it was all wedges, bikinis and sarongs.





Also, have to signed up to their reward scheme yet? Free vouchers back when you spend! Genius.