Last month I traveled to Dublin to stay at the world famous Westbury Hotel. A Super lavish, family owned hotel in the heart of Dublin’s town centre. Adorned with historical art, the hotel has a fun playful mix of old vintage glamour, which sits along new luxurious interiors.


It was my first trip there, and I should probably start by saying how friendly everyone is from there! People in the town were smiley and happy, while the staff at the hotel were the kindest ever, people who wanted to make conversation and find out exactly how they can make your stay even more special.



I stayed in one of the gorgeous suits, with a four poster bed and lounge area with the most perfect Instagram worthy velvet chairs — these are the things that matter.



There are so many places to eat and drink at The Westbury, each having its own vibe, completely giving you a new and unique experience each time. For lunch and breakfast the next day we ate at Balfes, a vibrant all day bistro. Their fish and chips is to die for, and their breakfast menu covers all the basics you could ever want — avocado.


Before dinner at Wilde, we headed to The Sidecar, a stylist take on a 30’s cocktail bar. The Gatsby-esq deco is stunning, and the talented bar men can wheel over their trolly of liquored delights to put on a truly amazing show making the drinks worthy on all levels.


After a couple of strong gins we walked across the foyer to Wilde, and this was what I was looking forward to the most. A bright restaurant full of velvet sofas, large glass lighting and indoor greenery. A beautiful setting for what is one of the most delicious dinners I’ve had in a long time! Going for the lobster, with a side of lobster mash (I had heard it was the best so wasn’t passing it up), I was completely full to the brim by the end of it.





The Westbury is right in the middle of Dublin’s town centre. Adorned with independent boutiques, bars, restaurants, department stores, it has all you could ever need. A place that reminded me a little of the gorgeous Brighton Lanes, there was a new exciting shop round every corner. If you’re ever into vintage shopping I would definitely recommend for you to head there!


This was the perfect weekend break, a place to visit with family, friends or your partner and make of it what you want. I’ll be booking soon to head back with my boyfriend for a couple of days of relaxing, shopping and eating!