Last week I traveled to Marbella for my little sisters hen do. A trip I was slightly wary of due to the amount of glamorous exposure the destination has had on places like ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. On it the girls are glam! Always with a full face and the highest of heels. This is why we picked Marbella, so my sister can get all dressed up, but it’s pretty much the opposite of me. I’m a tom boy at heart, and although I like the odd full face and floral tea dress, this was taking it to the extreme. But now, after my visit which I survived, I’ve got the lowdown on what it actually is like and how to dress the cool girl way.




We did Sisu Pool Party and Nikki Beach and they were completely different to each other! For Nikki Beach I wore my Mimosa Yellow Bikini from Topshop, Zara wrap dress as my kimono, Asos wedges and completed the look with my new Gucci sunnies and some hoochie hoops. This is what I had be advice to go like. So I went for it. Hair done, full face. But I didn’t need to. Nikki Beach was a lot more relaxed than I expected, it may have been an off day but I could of got away with a pair of cut off Levi’s and an oversized shirt on top of my bikini. Also, the wedges came off about 10 minutes into being there. So, not really necessary. Apart from that the place was pretty cool, big and bright, very Ibiza looking.


For the Sisu Pool Party I wore my Velvet Triangl Bikini with my Gucci mens scarf from Bicester Village wrapped round my waist. Also I put on those Asos wedges back on, plus my Taylor Morris sunnies. Oh and lots of statement jewellery – Hoops and tassel bracelets from Marte Frisnes. This was perfect for it. At Sisu all the girls were dressed up in the highest of heels, decked out in the most revealing bikinis, and all were completely wasted. This was a party party, super loud, busy and squashed. Not the most comfortable in bikini’s and wedges, it took a couple of drinks for me to feel ok, but once they had kicked in I started to enjoy myself and forget about how odd I felt.




Instead I would pack shorts and oversized shirts, whilst still taking my wedges. This can easily be dressed up with jewellery, hair and make up. Also when I say ‘What I Would Do Next Time’, I mean on Thursday, I’m going back for another hen! Yes two weekends in a row. Help me.




Day time is uber chilled, everyones hungover so no one cares. Don’t wear any make up, its too much effort if you’re doing a full face later for the pool party and then again for the club, just wear big sunnies! Heading to the port for breakfast or lunch? Throw on a midi tea dress and slides. Simple dressing is the best, don’t waste your money on buying those awful holiday dresses, cover ups and sets, you want things you will wear all summer, even in London after the weekend is done.


Day time at the pool? If you’re in a villa or hotel where its not a party destination you’re in luck, pop on your bikini and shorts and head to the pool. No need to worry about getting dolled up. Staying in a party venue like Sisu? Theres a day pool party most days, so get your full face on.




I think I did ok, I packed around 3/4 of my silk midi dresses and wore 2 of them. I even wore one to the airport on Sunday – with my vans.




I was banded from wearing my go to midi dresses in the evening by my sisters, they wanted me to dress girlie, and well, a little more OTT. So I went for my usual style but in the short versions from Realisation Par and The Reformation — my new go to dress site! Also the evenings are hot so you’ll want to keep the dress short. I know that tea dresses suit me, the wrap style flatters my petite figure, and these will be pieces I know I’ll wear back in London too, on a hot day, only with trainers and half the make up.



I bought THESE gingham heels which ended up being my go to on two nights. Finding that the chunky style I usually go for didn’t suit my tiny silk dresses, I tried a new thinner heel and it worked perfectly. Also I got a pair of Castaners from Farfetch which I had been after for over a year now. Expensive but worth it for that more relaxed evening look.




I went all out with accessories at night, wearing big earrings, bracelets and clutching my new vintage Gucci. It was showy, and very Marbs. On the first night we went to La Sala for dinner and it was amazing, the food was incredible and they had live music playing so it had an amazing atmosphere, I would just recommend trying to get a table outside, and booking well in advance! After that we headed to Pangea which was an outside club. It was great but I cant remember much. Other places we went to were News Càfe and Mirage. My ‘Clueless’ style dresses and accessories were perfect for all venues.



I enjoyed my evening outfits. Sometimes is it nice to get a little more dressed up. Be smart and buy pieces you can see  yourself wearing in your hometown, just figure out clever ways of dressing it up for Marbella.