It’s been over year since I teamed up with Sassoon (my trusted salon for years now) and together with my stylist, decided to grow out that bob. The bob was chic, structured, and perfect for my style at the time. But when I started to get back into more fluid clothes, softer colours and prints, I needed my hair to join in and participate in 2016 Monikh, well now the 2017 edition.


It was monthly treatments at the salon, to keep the ageing hair strong and compressed, while trying to hold onto that shine. I also went back every 10-12 weeks for a quick trim, to keep the split ends off which stops them rising up, resulting in you needing even more cut off.


I cant lie, the time went slow. Every time I would think it looked longer I was than left broken hearted by a girl walking past with a fabulous mane swinging from side to side. It was taking soooo long. But I kept on. I changed from my usual bouncy waves, one side tucked behind the ear, to mostly straight with a few kinks pressed in through the power of GHD’s. This made it feel longer, while also adding to a more effortless feel. A look my sisters would probably consider too messy and unkept, I called it cool.




By the time Christmas came it was long enough to add a little more wave in, and it was no considered as long hair, well, very short long hair! January, February, March, April, May, June, literally flew by. I all of a sudden looked at my hair and realised I had completely abandoned it. Yes I had been doing my treatments, but I was in need of a cut, (thank goodness for the treatments for keeping it healthy in my time of neglect!)


Last week I sat back in the chair, ready for the locks to be dramatically cut off due to my sheer forgetfulness, but in the hands of the very chic Camille, I was reassured immediately. We had a quick consultation where Camille looked at the condition, asked me what I thought I wanted to achieve, and then I think she was just as surprised as me at how little I had to have cut off.

NOTE: I usually have Natasha at the Kings Road salonbut she was away, and I have had Camille previously who is equally as amazing. I promise you they are all so talented!




  1. We cut off all the dead ends, about an inch or so.
  2. We made it a square cut, so super blunt.
  3.  We cut the front part straight too (which was originally longer due t it being a graduated bob last year).
  4. We feathered the outgrown face-shaping semi fringe I previously had.


It now sits just above my nipples (I know you walk around topless measuring your hair too, don’t lie). Its super blunt and the once blocked curtain fringe has now graduated into the rest of the hair. I AM OBSESSED. Its taken me around 14 months to get what I wanted. Yes I ideally will grown it till its just below my boobs, but this is perfect for now. The regular treatments plus an amazing cut from a talented stylist who knows what they are doing but also listens to you is priceless.


Thinking about heading to Sassoon? If you’re new to them quote my name: Monikh Dale on the phone for 20% off. YAYYY