Weather you have a full house, flat or bedroom. You want to nest. To change those white walls into a canvas of your personality. And art is the perfect way to show people just who you are, to give your home a voice of its own. The art can hold an entire theme, or be a large eye catching feature. But art is also expensive, so where’s all the affordable versions hiding….




Where my recent buys are from. The babes which are helping my old mustard/emerald vintage Moroccan theme into a fresh wave of blue velvet and busy art. The art has arrived but currently leaning on top of the sofa in waiting of the large mirror which will go up side by side with one piece. NOTE: wait until most of your art pieces arrive before you start putting it up, its always best to let it breathe, see how it feels in different areas first. The black wooden frames are amazing. And, Junique are offering 10%  off to my readers, code: MONIKH10




They helped the original decorating of the flat at the beginning of the year. So many different prints, themes. I have a trio of Desenio moon posters that line my navy hallway. NOTE: Pick the copper frames to go with the posters, such a nice effect.




They have everything, still life, fine art, photography to specific artists, movie themes and travel. This is where I bagged a Henri Matisse poster which sits proudly on my desk at the moment.



I’ve bought so many things from this year, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. They hold a small selection of retro, framed prints which are ideal for the kitchen or bathroom.