You must of seen my most recent obsession, plastered all over my instastories 2/3/4 times a week… Boxing. It’s brought out a whole new me, someone with passion and drive but for something other than fashion. Here is where all the make up and moody stances are stripped back. It’s now just me, displaying everything I really am in skin tight lycra. Originally just a last minute laugh, boxing at Kobox has now turned into a weekly routine, sometimes even enjoying a weekend class. With this Nike soon noticed, and together with them I am now going to write about how it was I became to Believe In More.


I’ve been attending boxing classes for around 5 months now, I’m still not great, but I am so much better than I was when I started! The feeling of accomplishment I get after a session is amazing. I didn’t have to go, but I did and I got through the class. After a couple of weeks I started to see a difference, in not just my shape, but my ability to pouch harder and faster. Everyone in the class is at completely different levels, but I chose to not compare myself and believe in me, believe in the fact that I can get better, fitter and work on the best type of me.




Kobox is a boxing company where you train in a super dark room with red lights and loud clubbing music. It’s so dark that you don’t really notice anyone else, it’s somewhere you can completely let go in, push yourself to the max, physically and mentally. Also the trainers are all incredible, all completely different so you work out who’s class suits you, but still are all great, kind and encouraging instructors. Maciela who’s pictured in these images with me was probably the first trainer who I started to talk to, and confined a little in. I particularly love her upbeat classes, she does her best to remember you and really push you to the best of your abilities.


Also I know I’m not the only women who has been intimidated by the stunning bodies waltzing around the gym. Their bodies lean and toned, covered by the uber minimal. Of course this is purely for comfort and performance reasons (most the time). It gets hot and you don’t really want to be wearing much, but at the start with my body not being at the stage I was comfortable with, I struggled in big oversized tops. As the months went past and I built up the courage to walk into a Nike store, I started trying on a couple of different options; shorts and long sleeved tops, high waisted training tights and sports bras. And for the next session I wore my new kit and transformed into a new person. My bodies not at the stage I would like it to be, but I believe that it will get there with hard work. My new kit shows off the dedication I have been giving for the past 5 months, while being comfier and aided to perform better.


I believe I will get stronger, I believe my body will be where I want it to be.