It’s the end of November, and that only means one thing, it’s time to search for the ultimate Christmas party outfit! Que Monsoon, the ultimate glitter babe, full of rich velvets and sequin encrusted gowns. They have a going out outfit for every occasion, so In Collaboration With Monsoon, I have pulled together my favourite Christmas season looks.


You’ve got a black tie event, you want to look chic, sleek and sexy, but glitz isn’t your thing, what do you do? Enter the dress of all dresses, the one that drapes around the body, creating even more gorgeous curves, the Rosa, a black ruffle maxi. Worn with a leather jacket hanging on your shoulders, a bold red lip. This is the cool one, the one for the Parisian girls who ooze sex appeal ¬†while casually leaning against a wall in a dark corner somewhere, with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I want to be that girl!


Up for all the glitz? Have a dinner, ball, charity function to attend? Why not, just got for it, get all that glitter on and be fabulous, I mean theres really only one time of the year you can do it so just do it! I think with this style it’s all about the shape, you want something that let’s the sequins still hang, the shape needs to skim the body, float a little, but be flattering. The one for the job is the Beatrice. It has a racer neck which gives your shoulders that gym bunny look, making the arms longer also. Clinched in at the waist, with fabric that then hangs over giving depth and making your waist look smaller. A straight cut shape then, all the way to the floor. This is still a dress I’m talking about, the first sequin dress I have probably ever fallen in love with.

Now how to edge this up? Let’s not fool ourselves, we want to stay warm, so why not just go for it, grab the parka. I love the juxtaposition of it. The parka edges it up, and its real. Throw in a beaded bag and a pair of plain black strappy heels and you’re ready to go.


More of a casual thing? Maybe it’s drinks straight after work? You have no time to go home and get changed? Or like me, you’re a bit of a tomboy. This is look is the safe one, the relaxed no effort given, yet the full effect is there. It’s also a fav of mine, ‘always underdressed, never overdressed’.


  1. Grab your favourite jeans.
  2. A slinky vest. – Can be nightwear.
  3. The Monsoon Stasia Star Velvet Jacket



It’s a look that screams confidence, and surprisingly is super sexy. There’s something about people who trust themselves and their style, to go super laid back that takes people by surprise. Throw on a pair of heels and give yourself a smokey eye and nude lip, then party the night away!