Forever one for decorating, I mean it can never be finished really can it?! And my new obsession is chairs, the it chair, a chair that carries itself with that grand stance and oozes sexappeal. Yes I’m still talking about a chair, told you I love to decorate.


So what am I thinking? I’m thinking that I need two chairs to face opposite my blue velvet sofa. I love that feel of creating a space for interaction, nights of wine and chats. No more facing the room to look at the tv, lets create a space that uses our minds and screams for long nights of unpredicted conversations.


What I have found so far:



A rich velvet dream from Arlo & Jacob in ‘Henna’. I would buy two of these to line up against the lonely side of my coffee table. The designs remind me of the interior in the new Granger & Co restaurant by Sloane Square. It’s a cosy and cool design and the rich brown tone adds something different from the overdone pinks. This chair in this particular style will send me back at £605 (per chair).




Oh stunning is she! Sleek and sophisticated, she stands for everything I wish I was. From the babes at Swoon, this Boudeux velvet baby will set you back £649. But with the size of it I would probably only need one and then maybe a little side table to put by her for support.



Playing it a little safer, another goodie from Swoon (in Slate velvet) but at the lighter price of £379. A style that would require two of them, and a couple of sheepskin cushions.



Green, the underdog. Why is he always left behind?! I mean, come on. Grass is green, it’s fresh, avocados are also green and people love them. So why never in the home? Well, its coming , green is the new navy. Think French Grey walls and dark dark green doors, accented by brass pots and frames, what’s missing is this chair. From and £599.



Turmeric velvet from again, at £599 (how can you not add in on an interior post?!) A boxed in style that looks like its built for comfort as well as style, which is easily missed these days. Also its a pretty good match for the turmeric ottoman I have in the bedroom at the moment. Remember furniture will hopefully last a lifetime, and I buy things that I imagine I will take onto my next house. Also even though everything is a little mix and match, they still all go together in a misshaped way, so you can always keep refreshing your house by swapping the furniture over from other rooms.