Who are the London girls? We’re rebellious, sassy, causal but noticeable. Each city has its look and we definitely have ours! I mostly get compliments on my (apparent) ability to dress casual but chic. And effortless style which some people struggle to achieve. The secret is to not try too hard, find those show stopper essentials and why not mix them with your boyfriend jeans and a pair of old converse?! We have attitude, and most of our ‘style’ comes from the confidence you ooze.


The formula: A killer coat, simple tee, the perfect relaxed jean, and a flat. Let it be a trainer, pump, ballet shoes. Something relaxed and casual. How to make it chic? The ultimate, a designer bag. It’s the cliche that keeps on going, and it works. I could be in my gym kit but with some killer sunnies and my Chloe by my side, as materialistic as it is, it works. Its something to save up for, something to work towards!



A couple of casual looks to get you through the Winter: