I’m finally off on a holiday, just my boyfriend and I. No family, friends, work. Just us two, laying next two each other, baking in the sun, not talking, BLISS. Now, the clothes… It’s insanely hard to shop for Summer clothes in the Winter, and unfortunately its real expensive too. The highstreet is full of winter wonders, Christmas party sequins, boots boots and boots. So where to head to for body skimming delights? Its the high end sites, like Matches and Net that cater for this, they know that their clientele love a winter getaway, and they thrive with the huge gap in the market.


With the credit card taking its annual beat down at this time of year, shopping smart have never been so important. You need things that last, pieces that are timeless, and you can bring out year after year. On the top of my list is a travel bag, one that goes with everything, and most importantly looks chic. I made the mistake last year of getting a couple of more out there bags, (which weren’t really mistakes actually as I buy pieces I know I can re-sell and I did) but its left me with a hole in my wardrobe. I need to be smarter.


So what to get when all there is is expensive Summer wear on the market: Staples.


The formula:


1 Oversized bag for travel and beach


1 Perfect pair of flats – travel and evening wear



1 Killer bikini or swimsuit



1 Stand out accessories



1 Stunning timeless dress you can mix and match with




The rest you can pull from your previous Summer wardrobe I’m sure. The few newer items that can mix and match in will help to make you feel like its a totally new you. And each year when you stop cleverly like this hopefully it will mount into a complete quality over quantity wardrobe thats relevant every year.