It’s January 2nd, and officially time to forget about the Winter wardrobe and start collecting for the incredible getaway you’ve been planing for the past year. Maldives, Dubai, Barbados? Wherever you’re lucky enough to be flying off to make sure you do it in style, brand new 2018 style. Of course the purse strings are always a little tight this month so I’ve done my best to pick as many things as possible in the sale.




I was lucky enough to runaway to Dubai at the beginning of December and it was incredible. The sun, food, vibe. Everything was perfect, and not to show off, but I was pretty impressed with my packing. I pack smart, I think about the number of days, type of restaurants I’ve booked, I check the weather religiously. It’s never great to spend all that money on getting to your destination than sulking the entire time because you’re not feeling incredible in what you’re wearing. So here’s how to get the perfect formula:




I was away for 6 days, so I packed three new bikinis, two basic ones (but fantastically fitted) and one more out there one which was the high waisted Matteau one. I know that being petite with a short body, a high waisted pant, with a crop top style bikini top suits me the best. Its also a little vintage and glamorous whilst still keeping a slight tomboy edge. I also fell completely head over heals for Jade, my newest bikini obsession. The material is so soft and comfy, with their designs being incredibly flattering. Feeling a little daring and wanting to show off what all those squats have achieved? Try their Most Wanted Low Rise Bikini Bottoms, not a full pant, but not a thong, they have that Brazilian style cut that has you throwing off the kaftan.






Cover ups are not to hide in, you look fabulous, do not shy away. But sometimes we need a little something to walk from the hotel room to the pool, and in most places you cant just rock up in your bikini of lunch. These are the things that can be a little more out there, colours, patterns, but just make sure you go for a classic cut, that way it will be the piece you can pack year in year out. Also maybe just go up one size, for heat, baggy is always best.





For those moments you venture out of the hotel, you’ll still want to be in oversized, breezy clothes. Think light, chiffon, linen. I had a white one shoulder wonder from Kalita at Matches and it was one of the best things I packed. I ended up wearing it twice, once to lunch in the hotel as I throw it on top of my bikini, and another time when we had ventured out of the resort for the day.



Colour-wise I would try keep everything pretty neutral, but saying that I am totally obsessed with anything burgundy at the moment, and love everything from Three Graces London’s new collection. Keep them teamed with wicker hats and bags, and a pair of neutral or jewel toned slides.





What to do for the evening? The trick is to not go too dressy. Its humid, and sticky, the last thing your’ll want to do it be faffing around with frills and lace. You want to be comfortable, effortless. Think satin slips, silk midi dresses, crop top and maxi skirt combos. Also these type of pieces are ones that you can keep wearing when back home. Throw a chunky knit on top of the silk slip, that checked blazer with the midi dress and swap the crop top for an oversized shirt with the maxi skirt. All with biker boots or trainers of course.





The accessories are a big part of it all, pick the right ones and they’ll be the start of your instastories for the entire week. Lots of straw, neutral tones, tans, burgundies. Also shoe wise, pack flats, casual ones, dressy ones. I always pack a pair of heels and never wear them! Plus I think its so much cooler to wear flats with sassy dresses in the evening, they bring that ‘never overdressed’ feel and scream out style confidence.