Heard of The Ned? Of course you have. Part of the Soho House group, their newest venture by Bank tube station is a complete mini world of its own. With an art deco interior, vibe, style, it’s like you’ve literally stepped into a time machine. The staff are incredible, smiley, helpful, happy, so eager to please. And the atmosphere is, well, SEXY. It’s all sexy, the colours, the drinks, the live entertainment, and by entertainment I mean the uber talented jazz singer and full band going for it in the middle of the hotel, perched on a platform surrounded but the many different bars and restaurants The Ned has to offer.


I always use to say, ‘ I live in London, why would I want to stay in a hotel?!’ I now would, if its The Ned on offer, and the reason is because it’s just incredible. One night away from your usual tracksuit lounging evening, siting on the sofa with your  jacket potato and beans. Press record on your sky planner and leave, this place is worth it.




I stayed in one of the medium rooms. Which for two people had more than enough room. A large high bed, two separate seating areas – one with a table for breakfast, separate bathroom (I’ve been to some hotel’s where even the bathroom is open plan and thats just a no). The showers big enough for two, the lighting by the mirror is perfect for doing your make up, but if the bathrooms being used theres a little table and mirror by the entrance. Large Narnia style wardrobe, large tv, fridge full of water, juices, alcoholic drinks, milk. Aswel as a cupboard full of treats and teas. But most importantly, the room service is incredible. You can even order a Cecconi’s pizza.


Also, forgotten bits? Don’t worry, they seem to have everything sorted; robes, hairdryer, straighteners, iPhone charger, music (old school radio), umbrella, every type of product you could ever need – leave all toiletries at home!




We had drinks in the evening at Millie’s Bar. This was the highlight. I hate places which are uber pretentious, surrounded by pretentious people, and yes this was a little like that, but it was also cool. The clientele was attractive 30/40 year olds, happy, drinking, smiling – the smiling part is rare in most places in London. It has to the the live music that made the night for me. Every time they played, the atmosphere was so surreal, it completely lit up the place. It’s the perfect place for date night, I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years and that evening made us feel like it was one of our first.


There are 7 other places to eat and drink at in The Ned. One place we did eat at was Kaia, pan-Asian poke bowls, super delicious but healthy.




It’s expensive, but what isn’t in London? At the time the room was £440, but I would recommend going bed and breakfast for an extra £15 as our breakfast which wasn’t included came to £45 – although I did order alot! Lunch at Kaia was also around £50, and drinks at the bar were around £10 each (spirit and mixer).




Yes. This completely changed my idea of staying in a hotel in your hometown. The Ned is exciting and sooooo sexy. Date night, your birthday, crisis control… Whatever the special occasion its worth the money.