I’ve started off 2018 by watching Sex And The City from the start, and its incredible. I now understand what they’re talking about, I feel the emotion of their break ups, the sex jokes, the non guilt Carrie gets when spending $500 on shoes instead of rent. Also the fashion is inspiring. Currently on season 4, I’ve found that season 1 was interesting just to see the characters start out, note that Carrie use to talk to the camera like we were part of it. Season 2 I actually skipped through as I just couldn’t connect. Then season 3 came and Carries inspiring style is in full swing, and the heart break between her, Aidan and Big has started to create some real fire. I’ve also realised I like Miranda a lot more this time, the things she goes through are really relatable, she’s insanely clever, ambition and witty, while still struggles in her sex life to find the most compatible man. Someone who’s  driven, handsome, intelligent, and is obsessed with her just the right amount. She touches in on the insecurities I’ve heard friends say a million times, and it brings a sense of humour to those topics I’ve also seen many tears come from. When you come to your late 20’s/early 30’s, watch it all again, its a revelation.


So season 3 totally inspired my fashion brain, all of Carries silky midi skirts, skinny heeled mules, bandanas and Fendi bags. I needed a fresh hit of style, and Carrie season 3 is exactly that. Never one to do anything half hearted, I’ve decided that this is the vibe I’m going for this year now. The skinny heels, the silk skirts (one of which I’ve just purchased!), maybe not the bandanas though? Well actually, tied around a loose bun while sunning in a bikini? Chic.


For my new seasonal look, I needed a few staples to get me into the swing of things, pieces that scream ‘Carrie season 3’ so strongly that I can then add a few basics I already own into the mix, so I’m not spending a complete fortune.



The denim jacket needs to be fitted, the vests tight (remember the nipple episode?! Show them off), the skirts slinky and the heels skinny. Note that outfit has been purchased so I’ll let you know how I get on!