It may not feel like it but Spring is just round the corner! I know, I cant wait either for open toed sandals and bare shoulders. I mean I love layers, and I do have much more fun with Winter fashion, but I’m sick of the cold! I want to throw on a dress and just let it be, no more tee shirts with jumpers and chunky coats – all at once.


So here’s my 5 Top Spring Must Have’s that you can mix into your current warrbobe that will garantee a smooth jounryet into the next seaosn.






We’ve had the era of the skinny, the flare, the crop, well now its all about the straight boyfriend jean. One that is slightly high-waisted, snug on the hips and bum, and then completely straight to the floor or ankle. — Floor lenght is better if you can find it! I’ve just ordered these from Topshop, and being 5’1 I’m sure the 32 lenght will ensure they puddle around my feet the perfect amount. We’re going for that 90’s Calvin Klein look here, super laid back and casual, like you’ve actually borrowed them from your boyfriend but he’s blessed with the same narrow hips as you.





I’ve written so many posts about silk skirts and dresses in the last couple of months, and they’ve been my saviour over the party season as they so quickly dress up my casual tomboy style. It’s time to stock up on silk vests, the ones that could almost be mistaken for lingerie. Yes it’s sexy, but when worn with the straight cut boyfriend jeans, its cool.





Well what else are you going to put on top of that silk cami?! I’ve been raving about cardigans for the last 6 months, and nothings changed. They’re the underdog of the fashion wardrobe, and it’s time for that underdog to shine. I mean when the weather gets warmer you’re not going to be in your shearling are you, and this is England, we need something. Yes sometimes fashion is practical.





It’s all about the mini at the moment. Something small and impractical to show just how natural and easy going you are. And well, if you’re the type to take your entire make up bag, books, chargers etc, this will teach you to just take the essentials, plus your back will love you.





Ok this is when you need to think positive and brave the cold. Sandals season is coming, I promise, maybe not the week but next month for sure! And lets face it I love that I whole jumper, jeans, sandals look. It’s very Olson twin, very relaxed boho. Also I’m a little sick of wearing either my boots or trainers, I want to look a little more grown up and put together. These clogs which I’ve already written about are the perfect in-between, they’re not totally open, and they have a slight wedge which gives you a little height and adds a dressy element. They will be my new pub shoes, lunches, quick drinks, basically I wont let the sun go down when in them.