I hate wearing a bra, first of all its totally uncomfortable, the restricting wires, the straps digging into shoulders, a mid waist muffin top appears even though its on the last clasp! Also, well the main reason really, I have small boobs and I love the natural look, a little nipple never hurt anyone.


So as the seasons change, and now underwear is more likely to be visible, I’ve tried and tested a couple of new styles for you fellow small breasted, free the nipple lovers.





Small boobs are sexy too. Yes they are! I love mine, and it’s not all about the cleavage, we’ve got perkiness, side boob, nipples (I know we all do but ours show when wearing underwear like this). So don’t act like you can’t be sexy, this lace wonder is the perfect feel good bra, wear with a white tee so its a little visible.





I bought this by mistake, I was just wanting to shop and online shopping is just way too easy. Anyways I hated it when I first tried it, it was so tight! But once I loosened the straps down to the last cm, it was amazing. Sheer, which, obviously is amazing, and then it has this side seem where a wire would traditionally go, so no wire but is still gives that hold as if it did. Win win. Also this is the one I’m wearing in the picture.





Do I look like Kourtney Kardashian in it? Probably not, but I still feel fantastic. These are for sure my guilty pleasure, and with the recent flood of social media around CK’s latest campaign, they’re now ‘mainstream’ sexy. Meaning even the lesser fashion focused men will now know about them, and hopefully not mistake it for your gym bra.





The ultimate comfy boob support. Sometimes we do want something, but its all about the proportions. I like a low back, sides and front, confusing I know. I also don’t like underwire, and hate a fabric that doesn’t stretch with me. These tickĀ  all the right boxes.





Ok I can’t deny it, this is my favourite option. A nipple cover. I love them, they are the best things invented ever! I don’t have to wear a bra, so I get that gorgeous natural look and no cleavage (I know I use to wear chicken fillet upon chicken fillet to get some, but now I cant stand any shape like that under my chin!), and then these little silicone babies cover up the nipple so its not too x-rated! Most incredible thing – they come in three different ‘skin tones’!!!!