I love homeware, the feeling of buying a vase has almost levelled the same amount of joy I get when buying a new pair of shoes. And I never use to be like that, I lived for the latest it item, must have top and the perfectly fitted jeans. Well ok I still live for all of that, but now homeware goes hand in hand with it. Maybe it’s an age thing? Once you’ve found a place which you love you want to start making it home, making it you. It’s been no secret to how obsessed I am with French Connection Homeware, I’ve bought so many of  their pieces that my flats starting to resemble their flag ship store, so thankfully I now have them onboard to talk to you guys about why I love their pieces so much, and how I carefully pick items to project my personality.


I think that the key to making a home is in the detail. All the pieces you bring in describe a little bit of your personality, and collectively they create a vibe for your space. The particular colours of vases, patterns of throws, the framed artwork, even the scent of the candles burning, this is you.


Mirror / Table / Stools / Lamp / Candle


My home is somewhere I feel most me, I can totally let my guard down and become a little venerable. I’m always super careful about who I invite around as well as your home is so personal, I only want the right vibes mixing around. My home is positive and warm and I am totally a believer of others putting bad vibes on your’s, so protect your space! You want to bring in items which are calming, like side lamps, (I mean who even puts the main lights on anymore?!) and the simple monochrome prints with palm trees and moons. My space is my zen so I must dress it and treat it like it is.


My style has changed so much since I’ve lived here in Wandsworth. At first I had to have everything white, I loved it super clean with only marble accents, then I went through the copper craze, and now I’m at a stage which I call ‘effortless clutter’. Books and lamps and vases in various corners of the flat which each describe a little about me. I now like it to look warm and cosy, and lived in. I also think that your home style reflects in your clothing, and thats true for me, I use to be super simple, monochrome and sleek, but now although I would love to be described as effortless and minimal, there’s other accents of print, material and colour in my style. I love this because when people come to my house or see pictures, I want them to think of me, to know that that space is mine.


Bowl / Throw / Cushion 1 / Cushion 2

Palm Print / Feather Print


You need to find pieces which feel like you, and at the moment I’m going for a super warm, turmeric, amber, stone and green colour-way in my bedroom, which sounds like a lot but when sat against pure white walls, ceilings and furniture, there needs to be a little bit of personality injected in with the soft furnishings. Lighting is a great way to do that, and the tall brass floor lamp is gorgeous! It’s the perfect amount for cosy evenings, and would look great in any room. But my favourite piece of all has to be the antique mirror! First of all I had been looking everywhere for one after seeing it all over Pinterest, and when I finally came across this French Connection one I was so surprised at the cost! At £295 I’ve saved thousands compared to the only others ones I could find. Their artwork is also perfect for giving white walls a little character, but I really like leaning most of mine on the floor. I think this reflects my laid back personality.


Decorating and finding you’re interior style can be a hard and expensive journey, so here’s the ultimate checklist to make sure you have the ultimate Pinterest ready room.


1 – A rug, you never knew you needed it until you got it, now its taking centre stage.

2 – Lamps, keep your room intimate and cosy.

3 – A mirror is essential, but don’t waste money on a few basics, save for a showstopper which ends up being a feature in itself.

4 – Vases, I have such a soft spot for them! Cluttered together in a corner on the floor/filled with flowers on the desk, these are the grown up things which make a house a home.

5 – Candles, I have them burning all the time! I mean, who doesn’t want to deliciously smelling home?


Lamp / Table / Candle