There’s a particular etiquette to everything, and social media is no exception. Recently I’ve listened to few moans of ‘oh he never likes my photos’, or ‘I’m pretty sure she unfollowed me’. Additionally, I receive quite a lot of messages online, and some of them completely baffle me! So for those who don’t know, here’s a couple of bullet points of how to conduct your social media politeness.


  • Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, none of these apps are for dating, I think you’re after Tinder?
  • If someone follows you should you followback? The answer is no, but then don’t act like you will.
  • Empowering messages are the future! Build each other up, it will make you happier.
  • A nice message a day keeps the bad vibes at bay.
  • Saying something nice to someone may make their entire day.
  • You never know what someone is going through, do not believe the complete facade of online profiles.
  • No trolls.
  • For the young trolls, this makes me sad. Please realised social media isn’t real. And go and play with real friends.
  • For the women trolls, you should know better! Would you want your daughter to be spoken to like that by a complete stranger?!
  • If you don’t like something, you know where the unfollow button it.
  • Also don’t message to say why you are unfollowing, we’re not in a relationship.
  • Please don’t message to say what you don’t like, but then make out that you’re doing them a favour. My friend Lorna Luxe had a couple of hilarious ones recently that had my jaw hitting the floor.
  • Do not be unnecessarily personal with people i.e talking about peoples looks.
  • Unless it’s a compliment.
  • Do not give media/creative advice/criticism when not asked. I edit the way I do because I like it.
  • Is it creepy to like every image on someones profile? If I like all your images its because I like you, I mean who doesn’t want a fan?!
  • If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • When is it ok to unfollow someone? – When you no longer talk. – You’re no longer interested in what it is they do.
  • Never be embarrassed for unfollowing, sometimes people change and move on.
  • Do not stalk anyone who you wouldn’t want to find out.
  • We all have different beliefs, that’s the beauty of the World, but please do not push your views on me or my page.