Last week I was whisked away to Los Angeles by the trainer gods at Superga for work. Yes it was only for 67 hours in total, 2 full days and 2 half’s, a short trip when there for with an 11 hour flight, but of course I wasn’t going to say no! LA is incredible, I went a couple of years ago with my girlfriends and I knew that this was going to be a trip to remember considering the others attending. Also I was going there to check out the new Superga X AlexaChung collection. And I am in awe of Alexa Chung! For anyone else who is, she’s a total babe! We took a few pictures after the party too (when we were all a couple of spicy margaritas in…)








I ate so much food! Safe to say my Koboxing babe Maciela was not happy with my instastories, but when you’re abroad all of a sudden calories just don’t count do they! So enjoy the food.


  • Rose Cafè – In Venice. The most amazing pasta and of course wiiiine. Lunch time was great that day. Sit outside if you can.
  • The Tasting Kitchen – we went there for dinner. It’s edgy. Prepare yourself to not understand half the menu, and I guess that its all part of the whole experience as they recommend the surprise three-course. Mine had a chicken foot on it. YES I KNOW. Super cool area though, great for chilled drinks. Also in Venice.
  • In’n’Out Burger – I did it, I wasn’t impressed. Apparently its a ‘bought up’ kind of thing as the Americans love it. Sorry I know we also have terrible places here we love.
  • The Butches Daughter – YES YES YES, its all over every cool travel bible out there. Make sure you go. Maybe even for brunch. We had the Superga party there so I only tried the margaritas, but the food looked great. Again in Venice (seems to be the cool place to be).
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel – Beverly Hills. We went for coffee, purely for that insta pic of the front of the hotel. I know.
  • Fig – Cute little place in Santa Monica, not too far from a Sephora so maybe easy for lunch. Note all the images on their insta are from dinner though. Get the bread and humus etc to start, delicious, apparently the steaks good.





  • Walk down Abbot Kinny Blvd in Venice – It’s got loads of cite boutique shops and the best coffee shops. Also everything is instagramable. We walked there after out lunch at Rose Cafè. Also The Tasting Kitchen is on that road.
  • Paddle Boarding – We did this with Paddle Method by the Marina. I’d done it before but for some reason this was just the best. With a big group is a laugh.
  • Shopping on Melrose – By West Hollywood. It’s in all the big 2000 rap videos, and I had to see it. Plus there’s a Reformation store.
  • See the Hollywood sign – Make it a hike. Be comfy.
  • Rodeo Drive –  Beverly Hills. We went but I wasn’t impressed. Unless you want to spend a super amount of money there’s not really any point.






I stayed at the Shangri-la Hotel in Santa Monica. It was such a cool hotel, simple but everything I could want. The bath was super huge and the view was of the beach so totally beaut to wake up every morning. The room service was so good (I ordered late late dinner and breakfast a few times), and the staff were so helpful and polite. Also location wise its great to get to Venice from, like a 20 minute cab. It’s just places like Beverly Hills and Hollywood that can be a nightmare to get to after like 4pm. I never knew LA traffic was a thing but is it! Also one last thig if you are going for the first time, when I went with my pals a few years ago we did one of those cringe Hollywood house tour thing’s, and it was such a laugh! DO IT.