I love to shop. New season, the new ‘it’ item, if it suits me, I need it. But this doesn’t mean I have an unlimited supply of money, the truth is actually so far from that. I shop cleverly, that’s how I managed to buy my new season pieces, I know it sounds strange but this is how:


I shop to sell. I only buy more expensive items which I know will resell because they are popular and more than often will sell out and will no longer be available, therefore upping the price when selling even at second hand. This means I can enjoy the new Gucci bag, or Balenciaga slides for the season, get my insta worthy snaps and than sell when I’m bored. The company I do this with is Vestiaire Collective, and together with them I am able to give you guys a run down of the best of the best on their site right now. Remember, this also works the other way too. I shop a lot, and sometimes I’m just not savvy enough to grab the new ‘it’ heels before they sell out, so I’ll create an alert on Vestiaire so I’m notified as soon as someone else is bored with them.




I use the app most of the time, but always when uploading something to sell. It couldn’t be any easier, I take the pictures, log onto the app, upload, answer a couple of questions on style, material, quality, measurements etc and then hit done. It is then looked over by the team at Vestiaire Collective where they double check that the item is at the right quality and that the price isn’t too low or high. Its then up on the site to shop. If it doesn’t sell as quickly as you wished, there’s the option to drop the price which always works. Once its sold, your’ll either print out a label and take it to your nearest Hermes point or they will come and collect it from you. Once the team in Paris have double checked the authenticity of the item and the quality, they will then send to the buyer, and you will be paid. There you go, extra cash for you to spend on something shiny and new.


So if you’re ever after anything of mine, more often than not it will be on here after the seasons up. So the big brands like Celine, Chloe, Loewe but also those highend-highstreet labels like Topshop Unique, Reiss and Whistles. Click here to follow me and see what I’m selling in my Vestiaire Collective shop right now.





I’ve also scanned the site for the best bits on the site right now, picking as many pieces that I already have to mimic my actual wardrobe, and a couple of pieces that I’m really lusting for! The most recent pieces that I bought are actually the Isabel Marant dress and Chloe Faye bag that are in the pictures for this campaign. I had been after the dress for over a year, and once they hit the sales I missed out on it! (Sometimes it’s not worth trying to wait for a bargain!) Also the Chloe bag is something I had been umming and arring about, but when I saw this particular one at such a cheap price, my decision was made up for me! So sometimes the prices are a lot cheaper, I mean if its a little worn etc.











  • If you lost out on bid and it’s made you want the item even more, create an alert so you know when that item is on the site again.
  • If somethings a little too high in price, send an offer, what’s the harm?
  • Bought something and left it sitting in your wardrobe for 6 plus months? Sell it. You will never wear it.
  • Need something asap? Click on the ‘Ready To Ship’ tab.
  • Need some style advice? The team at Vestiaire Collective create the most lustful lists, click on the ‘We Love’ tab for the best of the best.
  • Need to save some money? At the end of the month, try upload at least one item to sell.