Who hasn’t given into this trend yet? It’s one of the best I’ve seen for a while, and purely because it’s insanely comfortable. This encourages me to have that laid back, relaxed vibe, and I love it. Having been into for almost a year now, I have to admit that it’s only recently that I found the pair that I had been searching for all that time. I wanted a pair that were simple but still had that wow factor, and of course a pair that were flattering on my 5’1 stature.



Being completely honest, the best ones that I’ve found are these Isabel Marant ones which sting at £250. Yes it’s a lot, but now at the age of 29, I want to treat myself every now and then, plus I also now go for quality over quantity, and I know these will last me a life time (I hope). That being said, this is because I am fully into this style, I know I will always love them, even if I do put them away for a year or two, I know I’ll get them back out and will still have that feeling. BUT, and that’s a big but, if you’re just after a quick trend fix, don’t go expensive. There’s so many amazing high street versions out there too that will get you through the season. Anyways below are my fav 7 I’ve found so far. Just remember to pair them with a white tee, cardigan and either simple vans or converse or a nice pair of slides. Simple is key here.