As more of my friends are starting to get engaged, the all too familiar panic of finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses starts to happen. I know the fear all too much, I’ve felt it three times so (always the bridesmaid…. anyways). So many people have asked for a little help with sourcing the best ones, so here’s a post of the





To my friends wedding last weekend, myslef and the other 6 bridesmaids all wore the blush multiway dress from Marks & Spencers. These have become super popluar recently with the growing trend for bridemaids in differernt dresses. With the mulitway it ensures that the colours are the same, and everyone looks similar while adding a little osmehting differernt with alternative ways of twisting and tying around the bust and shoulders.





This is a huge trend right now, and I think its also meant to be a real traditional thing too? To have your bridemaids in white. Yes its a risk, as a lot of people might think they might upstage the bride, but the bride is the bride, all attention will be on her! Plus think of the overall look, just so chic and pretty!





Planning a wedding abroad? Then the dresses need to be light and airy, so why not a satin slip? Super sexy, in any colour. Plus if its on the beach, its the perfect look with flowers in the hair and bare feet.





A friend of mine who got married in the UK last year, requested everyone to be in black tie, so that meant for the women attending to be in a more formal evening style dress, and that means the bridesmaids too. Also dark colours on bridesmaids can look incredible!





The Pinterest brides demands boho, and boho she will get.


Also one last thing, at the wedding last week it annoyingly rained, and it got me thinking about what jacket I would use if it was me. Just now I came across these two which would be perfect as a just incase layer, or if you’re like me and you’re not too keen on the top of your arms. Plus if you have your bridesmaids in white its an option for them too.