The change in season is finally here and I’m taking full advantage of shopping for new additions. When shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe, I think it’s important to cover the basics, a new jacket, bag, and jeans; the hero pieces. These are the one’s your’ll wear almost everyday for the next 4 plus months, so they matter. To show how this is done, I’ve teamed up with Rag & Bone and am concentrating on those key hero pieces. For those that don’t already know, Rag & Bone is an American fashion house which carries that uber cool laid back style that would fit in anywhere in London. A good fit for jeans (and others) plus a quality that lasts.





For me this is the most important one, when you have an amazing jacket that you can wear with your whole seasonal wardrobe, you’re sorted! It saves a load of ‘I cant wear that because I have no jacket to match!’ moments. I’ve gone for the khaki bomber this S/S, mainly on the basis of it being the perfect neutral tone to mix and match. Also it works with jeans as shown, but I also love it thrown on top of girlie summer dresses and trainers.






I live in jeans, so I have to update my collection every now and then. At the beginning of each season I decide what vibe I’m going for and then buy pieces that support that. This season I’m carrying on my love for all things 70’s and have invested in a pair of fitted but flared jeans. I also love that light vintage wash.






Bags are a pure weakness of mine, I love them, but it’s not just all about the look, I take practicality into consideration too. When choosing this style I knew I needed something that was big enough to hold my gym kit (I love boxing incase you’ve not been watching my stories?!) Also I want something that will double up as a good traveling bag. I had actually also been looking for a backpack for so long but found them a little too harsh, however this suede one is the perfect combination as the fabric makes it a little softer and brings more of a luxe look to it.